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Music has always been an important aspect of my life. My Spotify “On Repeat” playlist changes constantly, and it’s always pretty chaotic. Here are a few songs I have been loving recently!

  1. Cocaine Jesus- Rainbow Kitten Surprise 

This song is not new by any means. However, even after a few years, it’s still incredible. The song depicts a relationship between two people in which one of the parties only uses the other one for access to drugs, whereas the other person wants a genuine connection with them. The contrast between the soft verses and the more racy chorus exemplifies the ups and downs of the relationship and how the speaker is better off without the other person. 

  1. Bad Habit- Steve Lacy 

“Bad Habit” depicts the speaker’s frustration toward missing his chance with a girl he had a crush on. He did not think she was interested, but she actually was. The song is easy going and definitely worth a listen. 

  1. Meet Me At Our Spot (Live Version)- The Anxiety 

The studio recording of this song is amazing to begin with, but the live version is on another level. Willow Smith’s vocals are incredible and, in my opinion, even better than the studio version. This song makes everyday feel like a carefree summer day. 

  1. Kingston- Faye Webster

Like “Meet Me At Our Spot,” this song is extremely carefree. It has a dreamy tone and reminds me of walking around New York City in the summer. The singer sings about the man she loves and how although falling in love makes her anxious, she overlooks her fears because she loves her person. 

  1. Arms Tonite- Mother Mother 

This upbeat and kind of unusual song is amazing. The lyrics and the music contrast each other, but that’s what makes it great. I truly don’t know how else to describe this song, it’s just another song you must give a listen to in order to understand why it’s so good.

Sarah Mengel

Kutztown '23

Senior English major with a minor coffee addiction :)