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WARNING: Sensitive Topic

Recently in my home town there has been multiple deaths, multiple suicides. With how small the town is, if you did not know the person, you know someone who was close to them. The town is hurt and then you add the overdose of Mac Miller on top of it and many of us are down in the dumps. Recently I received a message from a friend that was very sincere, loving, and out of no where. Instantly I feared that he was about to hurt himself in a way that would tear me apart. I called him over and over again until he answered. He was balling his eyes out because he was preparing a funeral for one of his other best friends. I reassured him in everyway possible and did not hang up until he knew he had someone on his side. He felt at fault because he had not talked to the person in a month or two, and if he would have been there, maybe the person would not have taken his own life.

One: if someone takes their life, know that you are not at fault. Two: we need to start spreading more love and less hate. The world obviously needs more love and care. Reach out to those friends that you haven’t talked to in a few weeks, just to check in. Be a more understanding human, you never know what that person may be going through, or what may be going through their head. Lastly, let the people that you are close to know that you love them. You never know when a simple message like “Hey, I hope you are well, Love ya!” may make a difference or that person’s day. Also if someone reaches out to you, make time for them, we need to stop shutting people out because work or other parts of life have become too important. By listening and loving you may save a person that feels like they have no other way out.

Love more, hate less!

Suicide hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Katie Frasch

Kutztown '20

Educational advocate, animal lover, feminist, and a proud aunt of three. Family and friends make life, and all battles possible .