Photo of a "Love" sign

Loving Love but Single

As I get older, I realize how love is so beautiful of an emotion. It is coveted by many just as happiness is, yet so hard to find. They say love is everywhere but it is the real, undying sort of love that is rare. So many crave that sort of love of dreams that they create art as a means of displaying their hearts. There are so many shows, movies, books, art pieces, and music that play with love. When I was younger, I always sneered at such topics. Now, I find myself strangely drawn to love. I, myself, have never experienced real love, but like many, I crave to find it in creative pieces. I love listening to sweet love songs on the radio and watching anime shows like Snow White with the Red Hair and swooning over the beauty of the main couples’ love. One of my favorite things to do is ship characters together. I love ‘love’ so much that I want everyone, even fictional characters, to experience such emotions. From Good Omens to Hetalia, love is in the air when I write about certain characters. I have even started to write original pieces about it. I want everyone to find it. Living without it seems so depressing to me. Of course, some people don’t want romantic love, and that is okay. These people, most of the time, still have some sort of love in their lives. They have it amongst their friends or family. Perhaps they love their pets. Either way, they still have some sort of love within their lives to warm their hearts. 

Being single, I have love from my family and friends to hold me tight. Being single can be rather nice though, even around this time of year. You get to eat all the chocolate by yourself. You can, and should, buy yourself some flowers--show yourself some love! As we get closer to Valentine’s Day, though, romantic love is thrown in our faces whether we like it or not. While the holiday comes across as a cliche with the roses and chocolates, I still think it is cute. True love is such a hard thing to find that it deserves an official holiday. All people deserve to be loved and to be allowed to show said love. While actions speak more than material objects, I whole-heartedly believe that giant teddy bears are the physical representation of hugging one's partner!