Letter to the Jonas Brothers

Dear Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas,

I have been a big fan of you since I was a kid. When I heard you were getting back together, I was beyond excited. I heard your new single “Sucker,” and I was beyond happy and I felt like I was 11 years old again. I started listening to your music nonstop, and I became the fangirl I was when I was younger. 

After “Cool” came out, I was so happy to hear you were making more music. Then, you announced the “Happiness Begins” album and your tour. I said “I have to go see them.” When the tickets came out, my older sister and I bought them the first day they were on sale. We both got our “Happiness Begins” CD, and I have been listening to them for a long time.  Listening to your music brings joy to my life. Your music has helped with my anxiety. Whenever I am feeling anxious or I am sad I turn on your music and it changes my mood. I feel so much better. You guys have made a positive impact in my life. I feel so happy that you are a band. 

When I saw you at Hershey this past August, I felt a spark of happiness. I realized how important you are to me. I cried at your concert because you guys were reunited and I was reliving my childhood.

I also cried watching your documentary on Amazon Prime, “Happiness Continues”. I cried the whole time because I was thrilled  to watch something I love during a quarantine. The end quote really hit me hard. You said, “We hope we have made an impact on our fans.” You definitely made an impact on me. 

Thank you for making music and for bringing happiness into my life. 


Sammie Merrill