Kutztown: My First and Only Choice

I began thinking about my future career in the 8th grade. At the time, I was convinced I was going to be a history teacher. As such, I went through all four years of high school taking classes with this future in mind. The first choice for a college was Kutztown University. My mom suggested it to me when I was a freshman because it is a known teaching college and really close to where we live. 

I became determined to go to Kutztown. A neighbor of mine, who was getting her master’s at Kutztown, took me to an event on campus and showed me around before it began. I was a sophomore in high school at the time. I had never been on a college campus before. We stopped and got iced coffee at the Kutztown Dunkin’ Donuts before she started to show me around. It was chilly out at the time and she gave me her old Kutztown sweatshirt to wear. It was at this time that I got my first picture with the Golden Bear statue. This experience sealed the deal for me. 

By the time I had to apply for colleges as a senior, I was quick to apply to Kutztown University right around my 18th birthday in early October. My guidance counselor was not really pleased that I had only applied to one college. He told me I had to apply to more than one in case I was not accepted to Kutztown. He told me to at least apply to Montco (Montgomery County Community College). I told him I would wait for Kutztown’s answer. It was still early enough that if I was denied, I could still apply somewhere else. Luckily, my plan B never had to come to reality. I was accepted right before Halloween in 2015. 

Even though I went to Kutztown because it was a teaching college, I would change my major after my first semester on campus. My first college-level English class professor suggested I become an English major as I had the skills. While I always believed I was going to become a teacher, it was really only because I loved history and I was always told I could really only be a teacher. My dream job, however, was always to be a writer. So, when I was told I had what it takes to be something other than a teacher (which I was not always happy about since I was very antisocial back then) I changed my major. 

In the years since I first walked on campus as a freshman in the Fall of 2015, I have had some hardships that forced me to take two semesters off and take another two at home. This has put me behind in graduation. However, my years at Kutztown have been memorable ones. 

While I was quiet and kept to myself at first, I slowly became comfortable on campus. It might be due to growing older and not giving a crap anymore but I think my comfort level has also improved through friendly peers and helpful professors. 

I have been able to write research papers about topics that mean a lot to me. I went to New York City for the first time in my life and got to see an off-broadway play. I was able to take interesting and thought provoking classes such “Chinese Culture Through Film and Literature” and “Comtemporary Gay and Lesbian Literature”. 

Kutztown University has been a major figure along the path to not only understanding my future but myself. I have changed a lot from that 18 year old freshman who was a secondary education/social studies major. Most of the change has been due to hardships within my life I never dreamed about. The most significant being the passing of my mom in 2018. Her passing left me as the head of our household and without my guiding point. Without her, I had to find my inner strength to continue with life, including returning to school. I have to be my own guiding point in what to do with my life going forward. As such, I have picked up two minors to add in my future career. I have added to my future career of possibilities I can do besides going into publishing. I vowed to graduate and then go for my Masters. I have also told myself I will do more on campus. While COVID-19 has halted my plans for the Spring semester, I hope the next Fall semester allows some opportunities. 

Regardless of this pandemic or not, Kutztown has always allowed me to search for the answers I have been seeking. While I am currently searching for an answer about myself, I know that Kutztown is an acceptable and welcoming place for all people. 

While Kutztown was my first choice in colleges, I am thankful that it was the only one I chose. After everything I have experienced at Kutztown, it really is the only choice for me. I am, and will forever be, proud to be a Golden Bear.