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JVCK J “You Lie” Song Review

Jack Johnson, now going by the name JVCK J,  released his debut single “You Lie” earlier this week. Johnson is known for being half of the chart-topping pop duo Jack and Jack. They released their debut album A Good Friend is Nice at the beginning of 2019. They are both currently making music on their own while being in the group together. 

As someone who has been listening to the duo since 2014, I was very excited about the release. Jack and Jack have been experimenting with their music style with their new releases. This is the first time Johnson has released self-produced music and fans are very excited about it. Johnson has been teasing solo music with little snippets on his social media stories for years, which added to the hype of a new song. 

The song starts with soft auto-tuned vocals and then leads into rapping. The lyrics are very relatable to a lost lover. The song represents a sweet relationship that went toxic towards the end and the singer finally understands that ending things was the only option but the past decision still hurts. The beat starts calm, just like the vocals, and has a series of beats and patterns that follow the rap. As the vocals reappear the beat slowly fades. The whole song is tied together nicely with the vocals fading away and the piano ended the song. Although I’m not a music expert, I can feel the song was carefully crafted and beautifully executed.

I recommend listening to the song and everything else the duo has released. The talent and creativity they possess is exceptional, Jack and Jack truly deserve the attention as a music duo and solo artists. If you end up liking You Lie, you should check out Jack Glinsky’s My love.

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