Just Keep Swimming

Dear Ed Sheeran,

               You were the first concert that I went to that was for me. I’ve been to amazing concerts, such as Billy Joel, James Taylor, Miranda Lambert. I’m going to see Elton John thanks to my sister and a holiday called Christmas. The day I got to see you was amazing. I sang along to your songs as you played every part of them and sang live for hundreds and thousands of people. I knew a lot of people who came. One couple from my school saw you; they were on the floor level, he popped the question, and now they have wedding bells in their future. My favorite part about your concert was not your songs, even though they were amazing. My favorite part was that you talked to everyone in the crowd and made them feel like you were just talking to them with no one else in the room. That’s a talent all in itself. You are a popstar, a talented guy, a singer that lots and lots of people want to hear. I don’t follow popular people. I am really bad about staying updated with politics or celebrities and their love life or crime life. I just find songs that I like and listen to them. I am thankful for someone being a talented singer because I know I can physically sing, but no one should have to suffer through me singing. They would need to go to some serious therapy afterwards, because my singing voice is off-key and scarring.

               I am writing to you today and to all singers whose music I like to thank you for creating something beautiful. In all honesty, I do not want to listen to whatever is being written about celebrities, because that’s an outside perspective. All singers are people first, and I wish they did not have to live in a fish bowl, but I think the saying is “That’s the price you pay.” Ed Sheeran, this letter is to you to thank you for putting your voice out there and creating songs I could listen to over and over again. In my head, you are an amazing guy, but I will never truly know that because I do not know you. I am 99.99% sure I will never know you. I am not going to try to pry into your life. I hope one day people learn to let others live their lives how they want to live without being judged. It’s a flaw in people to judge. Ed Sheeran, you are cute, and I am 100% sure I know a lot of people that would want to meet you or date you. I, however, I am not going to deny that it would be so fun to say I know Ed Sheeran, but I don’t want to get to know you or any celebrity. I like swimming in an ocean and not a fish bowl. Ed Sheeran, I hope you just keep swimming.


A person who likes your music