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It’s Time to Bounce



If you only knew how long that word stayed on the screen, I’m lost for words. In just a few days I’ll be graduating from Kutztown University. It’s so strange to think that, when I pack my things up to return to Philadelphia, it’s for good this time.

The last four years of my life have shaped me as a person. The people that I’ve met, experiences, and struggles that I’ve overcome are all responsible for the person I am now, and I love her. She’s more knowledgeable of the world around her, she speaks up when shes equipped to, she loves her skin! I would have never thought that coming to Kutztown University, a predominantly white institution, would have taught me these things. I honestly have gotten more in tune with my Blackness from being here. I’ve learned to love my skin and culture unapologetically because it is mine.

This Layshan is more conscious of what she puts into her body, who she allows in her life and what she deserves. I look at the person I was in high school, just wandering around really, trying to find a place where I fit in, searching desperately for someone to love me. Now I know that life isn’t about fitting in, as cliche as it sounds, and it sure as hell isn’t about finding the love that you can give to yourself. Those things are trivial and sometimes distract you from the bigger picture… which is where you leave your mark. What have you done to make this crazy world we live in a better place? Who have you left an impact on and how have you grown as a person…

Wow. I’m graduating.

I’m grateful for everything this experience has given me, all the amazing people that are a part of my life because of it, and all the doors that will open once I close this one.


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