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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Kutztown chapter.

About four years ago I was a senior in high school. Now, I am in my last semester of college. For the past few years, I’ve identified myself as a student, it is a core part of me that I can’t fathom transitioning out of it. Despite the difficulty of being a student during the covid-19 pandemic and the burnout I’ve felt, I enjoyed being in school all the while. I’m looking forward to graduation but a part of me is nervous about what happens after. The shift from college life to adulthood is not as smooth as movies make it out to be. 

Throughout my time in college, I’ve been preparing for graduation; however, I am not sure of what comes next. Graduate school or entering the work field? I still feel like I have years left before graduating. This is partially due to spending almost two years online. Time flew by and I missed out on many college experiences. I’m rushing to make the most out of my last semester of college, so I can leave without too many regrets. 

This is where the problem starts. As a senior, we have more responsibilities. Job hunting is right around the corner. We have to worry about what’s next while working on school assignments, internships, sometimes working at a job, and juggling our social lives. We have to make time for friends and time to enjoy the remaining days of our college career. Before we know it we’ll be off on different paths. My friends will each be living their lives miles away and we will no longer have time to meet up as easily as it is now. 

Despite these thoughts, I know time can’t be stopped. Life is always moving forward, so even though I am afraid of the unknown, I know whatever awaits me will be worth it. 

Professional Writing Major, Social Media Theory & Strategy and Public Relations Minor with a love for books and music.