I'm in love with "Lover"

Taylor Alison Swift dropped her seventh album on August 23rd. The long-anticipated album titled Lover was met with excitement from fans all over the world. After the success of her Reputation album, loyal swifties were eagerly waiting to see what she would produce next. As someone who has been a fan of Swift for the past ten years, I can tell you that I was keeping a close eye on her Instagram for all hints as she prepared to release Lover. 

  1. 1. I Forgot That You Existed

    This is the song that introduces you to the album. It is the ultimate post-breakup anthem. Swift digs into how you can constantly be reminded of someone who is no longer a part of your life every second of the day. But as she does that, she describes that euphoric feeling when suddenly, that person no longer takes up room in your brain.

  2. 2. The Man

    Swift plays with the belief of how her life (and portrayal in the media) would be different if she was a man. She sings about how her political, romantic, and day-to-day actions would be perceived in a more positive light if she was male. People would see her as a powerful figure instead of tearing her down like they currently are doing. At one point, she goes into how, if she was a man, her clothing wouldn’t be the forefront of a discussion. Instead, her actions and words would be evaluated. Honestly, this song is epic and I can’t wait to see if she makes a music video for this take down on the differences of representation between men and women.

  3. 3. The Archer

    When this song was released, I literally dropped everything to listen to it. The vibe of the music is soft, with an ethereal feel to it. She sings softly with so much power in this song;it’s almost a little heartbreaking. The lyrics describe how she runs from love before they could decide to run. The line “who could ever love me, but who could stay,” really shows how her relationships put her through the wringer.

  4. 4. I Think He Knows

    This is one is one of my favorites from the entire album. The up-beat sound really lifts you up after you just listened to “The Archer.” Swift sings about how she has fallen in love with someone and how nervous and excited it makes her. She says he probably already knows how he feels about her because of how she acts around him, and she hopes he feels the same.

  5. 5. Paper Rings

    I love this song. It’s another happy and up-beat song about love. Her happiness is so clear in the song that it makes you giddy. Swift goes into how she went through life not knowing this amazing person and how she can’t picture her life without them now. And honestly, the excitement of the person counting in the background is contagious as well, so that’s a fun plus. This song is ultimately about how she doesn’t need flashy things in life as long as she is with this person.

  6. 6. London Boy

    IDRIS ELBA IS THE OPENING TO THIS SONG. Is that enough motivation to listen to it? The song starts with a quote from Elba talking about how they could ride around London on his scooter. Taylor also uses a lot of groups of three in this song as she lists everything she already loves about her life. Then, she goes into everything she has gotten in her life thanks to her new amazing English boyfriend.

  7. 7. You Need to Calm Down

    This song was released before the album, and it was an instant success. Swift goes dives into how people are so quick to tear apart others because they don’t approve of someone else’s life. She sings about how these people need to chill out and stop attacking people, because nothing they do will truly change someone. Plus, this music video has special appearances from many LGBTQ+ celebrities, like The Fab Five, Todrick Hall, Ellen Degeneres, Laverne Cox, and so many more!

These are just a few of Taylor’s songs from her new, spectacular album. I highly recommend checking out the rest. With a total of 18 songs there are plenty to choose from.  Plus, Taylor has released four different versions of the CD for her fans. So, please excuse me as I sprint to the store to start purchasing them.