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How to Prepare for This Semester

Coming back to school after a long break is never easy for anyone. Although everyone is excited to finally be back in person this semester, I know I’m definitely struggling with getting out of summer mode into school mode. For anyone else who is also struggling with motivation, here is a list of ways to help you get in the zone.

  1. Get a planner 

The most important step in the process of getting in the school zone is to get a planner or calendar. A syllabus with a million overwhelming due dates will only stress you out. Marking down all of your due dates, and organizing them throughout the semester will both help ease your mind and serve as a visual aid that not everything is due as soon as you think.

  1. Allow “you” time

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to motivate myself for the semester and completely eliminated down time. I am very guilty of gaining tunnel vision at the start of the semester and only having my focus on schoolwork. This always backfires and hinders my motivation even more. Building down time into your schedule as needed will help you divert your focus from schoolwork so that you don’t become too overwhelmed. 

  1. Switch up your scenery 

Instead of only studying in your room, try various different places to do your work. This can be places like the library, outside, or even with a friend. Changing up where you study will add some excitement into your work, making your attitude toward school stay positive. 

Sarah Mengel

Kutztown '23

Sophomore English major with a minor coffee addiction :)
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