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High Heels Are Amazing

Growing up, I always loved seeing women on TV, in person, in magazines, or even my mother wearing high heels. I couldn’t wait until the day I could wear them when I was older and feel confident like those women did.

In middle school, I started a little collection of them and would wear them around my house. I would wear them onto the school bus, too, but then I would get too nervous to wear them outside the yellow safe haven and would end up tucking them into my backpack and slipping on some safe knockoff converse that my 12-year-old-self loved.

However, when I went into high school, I was finally at the age that I felt I could start to wear high heels out casually—I felt like, maybe, I could actually do it. After that, I always felt almost ready to do it. I would have them set up to wear to school, but then I would still chicken myself out about wearing them.

I am 5’4’. I am short, but not incredibly short. So when I wore heels, I grew quite a few inches and, on top of them clicking while I walked, I felt like I stuck out. At home, I was obsessed with how clicking them around on the kitchen floor sounded. In public, I wanted to lean onto my toes to avoid people hearing the sound.

When I hit 11th grade, I started to build up my confidence, wearing more of what I wanted, doing my hair and makeup how I wanted, and overall feeling more secure with my appearance. With that came my realization of how silly it was to feel anything but confident in heels in public. I began pulling the cobwebs off my cute heels in my closet and wearing them to school. Flash forward to college years and my high heel collection has grown, especially in the boot/bootie department.

I love my high heels just as much as I love flats, sandals, boots with no heel and sneakers. I have come to love my height in heels just as much as I do in shoes with no heel. I also find the click clack of my heels to sound like power.

The moral of this story is to wear high heels if you want to and you won’t be disappointed with the bad ass vibes that you’ll give off all day.

Sabrina Stewart

Kutztown '20

Hi! My name is Sabrina and I am a communication major with a focus in media studies with a minor in a public relations and new media/digital communication here at KU! I am the Events Coordinator for the KU chapter this year! I love fashion, NYC, quotes, book characters, ice cream, exploring, and many many other things. I also tend to drink an excessive amount of lattes.
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