Goodbye Sexy

“Goodbye, sexy” were the words my 92 year old grandma whispered in my ear as I hugged here goodbye after our Thanksgiving feast. Now, this was a new nickname for me, and I was in shock when I heard her say it.

While getting ready to head to my aunt's house, I decided to put some makeup on. To bring the look together I applied a dark maroon lip by NARS. I usually just put this bad boy on when I’m going out, but it felt like the autumnal thing to do. 

Overall everyone was pleased with my face. I typically don't wear makeup to my family occasions, so it was a new thing. It brought me some great compliments and just an overall good feeling. However, I don't wear makeup everyday and I don’t plan on wearing it every day. Sure, it can tie and outfit together, but it sure doesn't break one if either.

For instantce, Alicia Keys—an amazing singer—has put down the makeup and embraced her natural beauty. She mentioned on the Today show that she was tired of putting limitations on herself and it’s freeing to not put makeup on. But she also mentioned to do what makes you comfortable. Just be who you are. 

“I love makeup,” Keys says, "I just don't want to feel beholden.” She emphases that she is not against makeup, she is just doing what feels best for her. 

This attitude spoke to me. I don't wear makeup often, but I do on occasion. During the summer I don't wear much, but as winter rolls around, my skin get paler and I get tired from school. So makeup creeps its way back in. But that's okay. 

I enjoy makeup and the creativity it offers. I enjoy the fact that if I’m not feeling myself, I can put some lipstick on. But I do love the "fresh face" look and feel. Alicia Keys is a great role model for all women and people in general. She embraces herself yet does not judge others for their own choices. 

Keys said it best: “do what makes you feel good.” Also, I heard her new album Here is awesome, so go take a listen.