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I am a huge Gilmore Girls fan. It has been part of my life since I found out this show existed. At any gift-giving-holiday I asked for a new season of Gilmore Girls until I had all 7 seasons. I re-watch all seven seasons every year, normally around Christmas time. I would get so excited to watch a new season when I would get it. I would run into my parents’ room carefully open the new box and look at the new photos of the characters. I would set the first DVD into the player and spend all day watching that entire season until I was kicked out of my parents’ room and sent to bed. 

I would like to say I’m an original fan. No, I never got to see it live on TV because I was too young when it aired in 2000. I was only 3 years old, but once I discovered Gilmore Girls I was hooked. I binge watched before it was even a trend and before Gilmore Girls appeared on Netflix. I have a history with the story line of Gilmore Girls being part of my childhood. It’s sentimental. However, that’s not why I am writing about this amazing series today. I’m officially declaring a side: Dean, Jess, or Logan. In order for me to do that, I need you to understand that I give spoilers if you continue reading.

I base my decision on one of Amy Sherman-Palladino’s goal. She’s the author of Gilmore girls. I cannot speak for Amy Sherman-Palladino or even prove that my logic is logical. However, just maybe my thought on Dean, Jess, or Logan persuades your thought. Gilmore Girls is a show surrounding family and the overall reflection, and the author’s goal, a daughter is like her mother. Normally, viewers see Dean is Max Medina, Jess is Luke, and Logan is Christopher comparing Rory and Lorelai’s love life. I frankly, disagree. The way those characters act is very similar. However, timeline wise changes the game. Dean is Rory’s Christopher, Jess is Max Medina, and Logan is Luke. 

Now wait, don’t get made and simply stop reading because what I just said feels wrong. Hear me out. Dean was Rory’s first love, just like Christopher was Lorelai’s first love. In both relationships it’s a lot of breaking up because they are too young, or breaking rules together. However, Lorelai likes Dean for Rory just like Emily loved Christopher for Lorelai, but their life goals never matched. Lorelai and Rory were both too independent for both Christopher and Dean. Now Jess is the middle man just like it was with Max and Lorelai. Everything makes sense for them to be together, same town, both read, instant connection. However, it’s scandalous for Rory to date the bad boy just like it was scandalous for Lorelai to date Rory’s teacher, Max. Not only that, but Max let Lorelai break her rule of letting a guy into her home. Jess let Rory break her rule of no breaking rules and ended up breaking a bone too. Logan is Rory’s Luke. Logan wasn’t in the picture until Rory moved away from home, he was part of a different world that Lorelai wasn’t in, just like Luke. To push this even more, a daughter is like her Mother, Lorelai left Emily’s world and found Star’s Hallow, but Rory is leaving Lorelai’s world to find Yale and her Grandparent’s house. It comes full circle just like Amy Sherman-Palladino wanted. 

With the newer episodes from A Year in the Life, I still find myself wanting the same thing for Rory. I would change a bit in the newer episodes, but I’ll get to that another day. So, let’s start off with Dean. He was Rory’s first in a lot of things, and he is a super sweet guy, but he wants something that he will never get with Rory. Dean wants a cookie-cutter future or to settle down and have kids. That is not Rory and either way Dean finds his happiness. I would be more indecisive about Jess if Lorelai and Luke weren’t still together. With Lorelai and Luke still together, technically, Jess and Rory are cousins. The relationship between Jess and Luke is more father-son and that makes Jess and Rory sort of like step-siblings. I just think it would be too weird to have that work out. That is why I want Logan and Rory to end up together. I still believe there should be someone in between Rory going back to Logan. Overall, I am on Logan’s side.


Jeri Fries

Kutztown '20

Jeri Fries is an Art Education in Alternative Settings Major at Kutztown University. She love dogs, yarn, Gilmore Girls, sarcasm, her family and so many other things in this world! She has always loved to write and is very thankful for this opportunity to share her words.
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