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Five Outdoor Activities I’m Looking Forward To 

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Kutztown chapter.

The official first day of spring was March 19, though the weather hasn’t warmed up in Kutztown yet. Not exactly ideal conditions for outdoor activities! Below are five things I’m looking forward to doing in the warmer weather: 

  1. Play tennis 

Although I no longer play tennis competitively, it’s still one of my favorite outdoor pastimes. I actually prefer a casual game with my boyfriend, friends, or my mom (if I can convince her to play with me). 

  1. Wear short sleeves 

As much as I love a good sweater, I’m ready to trade in my chunky cable knits for some lighter pieces (and free up some space in my dorm closet). 

  1. Stop and smell the roses

. . . or daisies, gerbanas, daffodils, etc. I’m a fan of botanical gardens, but even just the flower beds around campus add a lovely pop of color to my daily routine. 

  1. Read outside 

Specifically, read under KU’s cherry blossom trees if the weather clears up in time! After transferring to Kutztown from a different cherry blossom-less university, I’m dying to spend some time around the beautiful trees. 

  1. Mini golf 

Mini golf is somewhat of a warm weather rite of passage for me. I’ve gone multiple times every summer for as long as I can remember. Unfortunately, my game has not improved a whole lot over the last two decades. 

Kara Armstrong

Kutztown '25

Kara is a student at Kutztown University majoring in Professional Writing and minoring in Spanish. She likes thrifting, pickles, and the color yellow.