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Autumn is my favorite season; I look forward to it every year! While looking at autumn activities online, I noticed almost everybody’s bucket lists are full of the same things. A person can only go pumpkin carving and apple picking so many times. This got me thinking, what are some things I haven’t tried yet? Below are five activities sure to shake up your autumn.

1. Haunted Gingerbread House

Who says gingerbread houses are just for Christmas? Trade out the spearmint trees and candy canes for candy corn and jelly pumpkins. If you can’t imagine gingerbread outside of Christmas, swap it with graham crackers or chocolate PopTarts. The chocolate PopTarts will give the house a darker, spookier appearance. 

2. Make Your Own Pumpkin Succulent Planter

Grab a miniature pumpkin from the closest farmstand and slice off the top, just as you would when carving a jack-o-lantern. Empty out the pumpkin insides until your pumpkin is hollow. Grab a few succulents and arrange them inside the pumpkin shell, using the pumpkin as a pot. Your succulents will feel right at home in the pumpkin and will be a cute fall decoration for a couple of weeks.

3. Cook a Campfire Dinner

S’mores are a quintessential part of chillier weather, but they don’t have to be the only thing you roast over a campfire. Wrap bite-sized chicken pieces and veggies in an aluminum foil packet with some butter. Toss the packets toward the edge of the fire to cook them. Onions, carrots, and potatoes are my family’s go-to for foil-packet veggies.

 Or, invest in a sandwich iron and experiment with grilled cheese or any of your favorite hot sandwiches. 

4. Make Your Own Suet Cakes & Birdwatch 

On chillier autumn days, it can be nice to cozy up inside. You can still enjoy nature from the comfort of your own couch. Set out suet cakes where you can see them from a window, and watch birds visit your home.

A suet cake is basically a cake of birdseed. Each recipe is different, though most consist of birdseed and a binding agent—commonly lard. Suet cakes can be molded into shapes with baking molds or cookie cutters. String the suet cakes up by ribbons and watch as birds gather around. Be sure to check housing guidelines if you live in a dormitory or apartment building before hanging anything outside. 

5. Customize Your Own Tea Blend

There’s no better accompaniment to a cozy morning than a hot cup of tea. You can fashion your own tea bags using coffee filters and string, or you can buy some pre-made. Drawstring tea bags and heat seal tea bags are available. Candied or dried fruits, peppercorns, dry herbs, and cinnamon sticks are great options for fillers. Or buy a base flavor of loose leaf tea (green tea, white tea, black tea, etc.) and add some extra flavors.

Kara Armstrong

Kutztown '25

Kara is a student at Kutztown University majoring in Professional Writing and minoring in Spanish. She likes thrifting, pickles, and the color yellow.