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Can I just say it? Wowza the drama and the plot just keeps coming. This episode is titled “Oh Sweet Something!” was definitely something with the rollercoaster of events that were  coming at us. Starting off the scene with a flashback of a young Tully going to a party with an older boy she liked named Pat Richman.Everything seemed good for her, or so I thought. Once this party started to unfold so did this older boy’s true intentions. Tully was profusely intoxicated when Pat took her, “somewhere quiet”, where she said no and he didn’t listen.

Learning this aspect of Tully really brings things into perspective for how her character develops. This very real and vulnerable scene of Tully being raped, shows that while she was being raped she was thinking about that flashback of her mom abandoning her at the protest. This makes sense why Tully has such a hard time committing to someone in the future and not having that family in her adult life. Not only did this make me understand Tully so much more, but also feel so bad that she had to go through those things. It makes me want to go into my computer screen and help her.

This scene specifically was a tough scene to watch. Dealing with such a real and graphic issue is really powerful in a series like this and especially in characters. Even though this was a tragic moment for Tully, after this moment she actually got to lean on someone, Kate. This moment was pivotal especially for Tully to show their unbreakable friendship. Kate was such a true friend in this moment and was a shoulder for Tully to lean on; something she never really had before.

Suddenly, the show was brought back to the present time with Johnny and Tully in Tully’s apartment. All I was thinking was uh oh. Yet at first they surprised me, with conversation about Kate and Johnny’s marriage and family. Tully scorning Johnny and telling him that he needs to step it up for her best friend is exactly what I wanted. Though once their conversation continued they talked about work, a memorable moment between them in the 80’s, and life in general.

Throughout this whole part of the conversation I couldn’t ignore their obvious chemistry. It felt like they could’ve kissed in that moment, but they sadly didn’t. Tully in this episode is still trying to make up for giving Kate’s daughter written consent for birth control, so I doubt kissing Johnny would make mending things easier for them, but there’s definitely palpable sparks. Now in the present time of the show Tully keeps sending Kate messages and flowers, trying all she can do to apologize. All of these things are so nice and I didn’t know why Kate didn’t just try to hear out Tully first, before just getting mad at her.

Since they’ve been friends for so long Kate should know that Tully wouldn’t have bad intentions and she’s just being herself. Besides this little squabble the plot brings us back to more fun flashbacks. One with Kate and Tully in the 80’s at a little drug infused office party where Tully is doing lines of Coke and Kate’s analyzing a story she wrote, like you'd expect. Though things get a little crazy with Tully standing on and shattering a glass table, and Kate and Johnny both commenting on how sad she is. I thought that part was extremely fascinating how they both see through her so clearly, When the rest of the world just sees her as infamous, fun, with a wild streak.

Tully’s character especially in this episode is a little more analyzed. She’s obviously been through a lot and Katherine Heigl does such a great job with bringing her character to life and taking on Tully’s layered complexities. Nearing the end of the episode these two FireFly girls finally made up in a cheesy way by throwing rocks at your window to get your attention. The only thing that was missing was Tully holding a boombox over her head playing some dramatic eighties love ballad. Though cheesy, they ended up sitting together talking about their future tending a possible goat farm, which let’s admit is pretty adorable.

Then all of a  sudden the FireFly Lane series drops another bomb on us, right at the end. There was another jump in time, but this time it was in the future. Kate and her daughter dressed in black talking about how they missed “her”, meaning Tully, and were about to leave for a funeral. Like what is going on? Will Tully die? I have to know now. I feel like the series does this on purpose, so it just makes me want to watch more. Honestly, it’s smart though because now I  absolutely need to know. Do you guys think that this is it for the infamous Tully Hart?

Hi my names Amanda G! I'm a junior at Kutztown University and have a enormous sweet tooth. I want everyone to live and laugh. Hopefully my stories will help with that. I believe in the truth and the brighter side of life. I also believe in the power of Bagel Bar on Mainstreet, which is truly a gift. So sit back, relax, and be you at KU and in life. 
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