Finding Joy in the Small Things

Although it may not be warm, and the sun isn’t shining, outdoor walks and exploring are still fun. These types of explorations for me are mainly for seeing the beautiful things and picture taking. Just because the weather isn’t great, doesn’t mean wonderful things aren’t out there waiting to be photographed. On Friday, my boyfriend and I went to a lake near my house to try and fish. Of course, the fish weren’t biting but we still made the most of it. We took a short drive to another lake nearby although by this point the rain had moved in on us. We decided not to fish at this lake, but we took a walk around the whole place instead.

There wasn’t much going on since it’s the middle of winter and it’s raining, but we did see great things in nature. There were plenty of deer and birds and we even saw a small waterfall. Amongst all the animals and trees was a small, deteriorated shelter looking type of place. Of course, I had my Polaroid with me, but I wasn’t having much luck with it since it was getting dark and the rain drops were covering my lens. I took my phone out and set myself up for portrait mode. This was the shot I got:

This isn’t my best work, but for the past few months I’ve been interested in photography. This is what lead me to get the Polaroid camera. I’m hoping to buy a good quality camera in the next few months, possibly for graduation. If this works out as I’m hoping, it will be amazing to photograph the new life booming in spring. Though photography of objects is still fun, I do enjoy photographing my boyfriend even if he hates it. I like catching him doing something he loves doing.

Although going for walks outdoors may not be very fun in the dead of winter, I still find joy in the small things I encounter on these walks. Even when there’s nothing around, it’s nice to be surrounded by stillness sometimes, enjoying time with my guy.