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Breakups can suck. Depending on how long you were together, it can feel like your whole world changes. Something I am learning, though, is that sometimes, change is good. No matter if they ended badly or not, breakups can be a time of self discovery and an opportunity to refall in love with the most important person there is: yourself. 

I was in a relationship for three years that began when I was fifteen. When it ended, even though it was my decision, I was terrified. I felt like since it began when I was so young, I did not even remember who I was on my own. Over the last few months, though, I have found how fun discovering that person really has been.

It is like I started fresh. Looked in the mirror, said “Hi, I’m Lex,” and went from there. It was my first breakup, and at first, I was sad. It is hard losing someone who was such a big part of your life for so long. Suddenly, though, there was a shift, and I will try my best to put it into words.

It is like I started to find so much love and light in everything. Coffee. Reading. Dancing. Music. Staying up until 3 AM. Driving in the car with the windows down. Screaming music at the top of my lungs with my friends. With sunrises and sunsets and flowers. Rediscovering the world as your own person, I have learned, is a beautiful thing. You are forced to find love in everything around you and that is perfectly okay. It is not a spiteful thing, and it does not mean anything bad about the relationship that had ended. It just means that you are able to just be yourself again. You feel the world in a different way, you fall in love with yourself, and that has been my favorite part.

Alexa Rode

Kutztown '24

Alexa (Lex) Rode is a freshman at Kutztown University. She majors in Secondary Education English and is passionate about all things reading and writing! In her free time, she can always be found dancing around as well as creating music.
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