Everything You Need to Know About BE, BTS' New Album

BTS recently released their new album, BE, this past Friday, November 20. ARMY, their fans, anticipated this comeback since they released their single “Dynamite” back in August. "Dynamite" was released as a consolation for their fans and people around the world. Thanks to this song and the overwhelming support of their fans, BTS went on to achieve their first No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 songs chart. They are the first South Korean group to achieve this. With the release of their new album, fans hope to gain even more achievements. 

During their global press conference for BE, BTS explained how they went more in-depth on the overall production of their album. Due to the pandemic, they were unable to go on their stadium world tour, but they sought to make the most of this time by participating in the whole production of a new album. BE is their first self-produced album where all the members took on individual roles. Throughout the past few months, the members posted various live streams of meetings they held to discuss the production. Fans have never gotten to see the behind the scenes of the whole album production before and now they were able to follow along the journey of seeing BE come to life. 

At the press conference, RM, the leader of BTS, discussed that they decided to share the process with fans due to a fear of losing the close connection they have with them. Since they are unable to physically see fans, they wanted to find a way to reconnect with them and strengthen the relationship they have. The members went on to discuss how they hope fans find comfort through BE. When deciding on the name of the album, they chose “BE” because of the open meaning it has. It gave the album the possibility to “BE” anything they wanted. The album is made up of 7 songs and a skit. 

The first three songs of the album start off with a soft sentimental vibe before switching to more upbeat songs. The title track, “Life Goes On”, shares the message that no matter what is thrown your way, life goes on. Its style is alternative hip-hop, which is perfect to listen to while going on a drive, walk, or even if you’re just sitting around. The second track, “Fly to My Room”, is a unit track made up of  V, Jimin, J-Hope, and Suga. It describes the emotions of not being able to freely go out and being forced to stay inside. 

Their third track, “Blue & Grey”, is an acoustic pop song that according to V, expresses “the anxious and depressing internal emotions as colors, blue & grey.” He also went on to describe this song as heartwarming. This is one of my favorite songs off the album due to its soothing vibe. I can’t help but get emotional when it comes on. You can feel their raw emotions throughout the album, especially with this beautiful song. 

The fifth song, “Telepathy”, is a retro pop song Suga produced. Through this song, Jin stated that they “expressed the sad reality of not being able to meet with fans.” They also showed the hope of one day being able to reunite. Track six, “Dis-ease”, talks about the hardships everyone experienced due to the pandemic. The song name itself is a play on words since “disease” means sickness but when separated with a hyphen it also means unease. This clever wordplay showcases the uneasiness of having to feel productive even when there isn’t much you can do due to restrictions. It’s a retro pop song that you can’t help but dance to while also reflecting on the overall message. The final song, “Stay”, is another unit song that includes Jungkook, RM, and Jin. Despite the emotional lyrics, the song itself is upbeat and embodies the hope BTS has to meet fans in person.

The skit that was incorporated in the album is the first one they’ve had in three years. The skit shows their reactions to “Dynamite” reaching No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. Dynamite is also included in the album since it fits well with the message of the album. Usually, at a BTS concert, they end it with fireworks, but since they are unable to hold concerts now, RM stated that they saw “Dynamite like a firework finale of the album.” 

The last few songs on the album contrast with how the album starts off. One minute you’re emotional and the next you find yourself dancing. This is the duality of BTS, and it’s amazing to see how they used the first three songs to show the hardships of life but then shift to upbeat songs to show that life goes on so we must keep moving forward as well. This pandemic came and ruined many things, but months after quarantine we find ourselves almost done with a whole semester of college. Life moves on and while we might dwell on the past, there’s no purpose in looking back only to feel stuck.

BE was made with the members’ blood, sweat, and tears.  From Jungkook taking on the role of music video director to V being the visual director, each member made sure to put all their emotions into BE. I am sure one song will resonate with you even if their music isn’t your cup of tea. Make sure to check out their album on Spotify or Apple Music. Hopefully, they are able to connect with you and share their message that “Life Goes On.”