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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Kutztown chapter.

In a perfect world, breaking up with a significant other means that you’re done with them and hopefully you’ll never have to deal with them being in your presence again. And you wont have to worry about them even breathing the same oxygen that you are inhaling because they won’t be that close to you again. For some reason, that never seems to be the case for me. Ever. I’m never the lucky one that just gets to walk away and never have to worry about the drama and chaos that comes from a breakup.

This time around I had finally had enough. I was done with the over dramatic acting out at the bar, over the pop ups at my house, and the late night calls and text messages. I finally took the steps needed, and had blocked him out of my life through social media and over the phone.  After all these steps I thought that be the end of it. Sadly, I was horribly mistaken. Due to the fact that my whole family still had him on social media; which I never thought that it would be an issue in the first place. After having unwanted interactions of him talking to my family I had finally had enough when I found out one of the interactions was with my cousin who has Down Syndrome. The reason this one rubbed me the wrong way was due to the fact that my cousin doesn’t understand social cues, and doesn’t see it as being weird, but he knew exactly what he was doing. He was taking advantage of her being so pure and sweet. 

My problem with this stems from watching people take advantage of others with disabilities. Growing up I constantly involved myself in programs where I worked with people with disabilities. Through all this I had one constant motivator, my cousin. Seeing how these amazing people have such pure, big hearts makes me question people’s true intentions. How could someone take advantage of the kindest group of people? How could someone live with having alternative intentions? This whole experience had made me more aware of who people really are.