The End of the Semester As Told By Justin Bieber

With finals week quickly approaching, the end of the semster has us feeling, well, all the feels. From final papers and projects to exams, you may feel like you're drowning in school work. Here's a funny piece to describe all of your end of the semester emotions. 

This is the end of the semester told by Justin Bieber.

1) When your professor hands you the exam and you don't know the first question:

No matter how much you studied, this has happened to us all. It clearly raises your already high stress levels.

2) When professors comment about how much stress you must be under:


I have about ten tests to study for and six papers plus three projects to complete by the end of this week, but yeah, I'm only a little stressed.

3) When you don't know how to wrap up your final paper:

Whether you haven't reached the word count or you don't know how to wrap up your thoughts up altogether, you feel like you could go on and on about nonsense, especially if you're doing this paper the night before.

4) When that paper you thought was due next week is actually due tomorrow:

Time for a night full of caffeine, tears, and stress.


5) All you do is stress:

You can't sleep. All you do is stress about your final projects, papers, and tests, which leads to plenty of midnight snacks.

6) And stress eat:

You indulge in all of your favorite comfort foods, like pizza, ice cream, and chocolate. You deserve it all, especially after having a good cry.

7) You have a few mental breakdowns and cry it out:

Cry it out and then eat a pint of ice cream in the bath tub. You'll finish those assignments eventually.

8) And hope that maybe you won't procrastinate on important assignments anymore:

Remember that paper you finished at 5am? You thought you learned from it, but did you really? You pulled an all-nighter for that exam, but the sleep deprivation didn't kill you.

9) Sleep is what you need the most:

You'll sleep peacefully again after this week is over. You'll just be cranky for a few days.

10) You may need to apologize for the bad mood this week will put you in:

Lack of sleep and stress takes a toll on us all! Luckily, some professors can be pretty understanding.

11) When a professor curves the final exam:

Professors that do this: bless their souls. Such angels. 

12) When you did better than you thought on an exam:

You thought your professor was going to make that exam super challenging, but it ends up being easier than you thought. 

13) When the end is in sight:

You're more than halfway finished with all of your exams and projects and papers. The end is near.

14) Leaving your last final like:



You're almost there! Do your happy dance, you got this.

15) And you finally get to go home for the holidays:

 As you pack up to go home for the holidays, make sure to put Justin's Christmas album on blast. You survived another semester! It's time to celebrate and you've earned it!