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End of the Semester Told by Game of Thrones

The final season of HBO’s Game of Thrones premiered on April 14th after a year-long hiatus. I tried to wait patiently--really, I did, but the show could not return soon enough. So to tide myself over during the break, I binge-watched the previous seasons to prepare myself for the eventual end of this spectacular show. To celebrate the new and final season, I have decided to share with everyone what it is like during the end of the college semester. I know things can get kind of crazy for us college students and we need a little mental break, even if its just for a few seconds, for some relatable gifs.

Here is the end of the semester by HBO’s Game of Thrones.

When your professor suddenly adds on another assignment at the end of the semester.  

You might even begin to doubt your dream of receiving a college education.

It will never stop infuriating you when people say not to worry about your grades.

You will show up at your advisor’s office and hope that they have the answers to all of the problems in your life.

There’s always that one student that randomly appears for the last few classes, and they have no idea what is going on.

Honestly, you probably don’t even know what’s going on, and you’ve been there all semester.

You might find a few people crying over their upcoming exams and projects.

You can’t forget the first time you see sunlight after you have spent hours in the library studying for that exam.

This is how you stroll out after your last final knowing you did everything could.

When your final grades roll in and you did better than you expected.

There are also the dreaded goodbyes you have to make with your college friends. But don’t worry, you will see them again.

That joyful moment when you are finally reunited with your loved ones from home.

It’s the end of the semester; all you have to do is get through the last few weeks, and you'll be free from the emotional rollercoaster of college. Unless of course, you are a Game of Thrones fan. If you are a fan, you better strap yourself in tight, because these last few episodes are going to put you through the ringer.


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