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Ed, Edd, N’ Eddy: The Nostalgic Gift That Keeps on Giving

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So I just finished watching-excuse me, rewatching the Cartoon Network classic, Ed, Edd, N’ Eddy for the 100th time! What is it about a show about three best friends with the same names, but different personalities makes it enjoyable to watch again and again? I could list a million things, but for the sake of time, I’ll jot down two.

ONE: The Characters. Every single character on this show made its unforgettable mark, such as of course its three leads. Ed, the lovable dimwit, Edd (aka Double D), the intelligent neatfreak, and Eddy, the greedy, self-proclaimed leader of the group. Aside from their names, what makes these dorks so beloved to fans is that they’re outcasts who don’t belong to any crowd. Each of them is wonderfully unique, and despite their mishaps and mayhem (which let’s be real, that they cause for the entirety of the show), these besties are inseparable as the hat resting on Double D’s head. Next to the big three, we can’t forget the rest of the crazy kids in the Cul-De-Sac like the bike loving jock, Kevin, the impossibly strong loudmouth Sarah, the pretty n’ chill Nazz, the sweet and dainty Jimmy, the hilariously eccentric Rolf, the clueless hippie Johnny and his sassy and more smarter wooden companion, Plank, and lastly the three dangerous dames of the trailer park, The Kanker Sisters, Lee, Marie, and May.

TWO: The Comedy. Thanks to the direction of show creator, writer, and animator, Danny Antonucci, we have a mountain full of funny moments from the show that’ll forever tickle our funny bones. Funny moments like Ed’s blissfully nonsensical childlike mindset, the times where Eddy deservingly gets his comeuppance for his nefarious scams, Jimmy’s countless, and I mean COUNTLESS humorously physical torment, Rolf expressing his outlandish culture and using impressively brute strength upon those who wronged him (i.e. his fish duel with Eddy), and we can’t ever the forget the endless amount of cootie catching torture the Eds have hilariously suffered by the Kanker sisters.

If you’re looking for a funny show to distract you from the troubles of life, well, then The Eds got your back! All of the Ed, Edd, N’ Eddy seasons, specials, and tv movie finale, Big Picture Show, is now available on Amazon Prime.

What’s a fad?”

When something insignificant becomes popular.”

Right! And we know the Eds are way insignificant!”

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