Dress How You Want

I am a big advocate for people to do the things that makes them happy. For me,one of the things that make me happy is fashion. To me, this is a very important thing in my life. I think that everyone should dress how they want to dress as long as it makes them happy and comfortable. Everyone should be able to feel confident in their outfits.

I used to be so afraid to wear the things I truly wanted to wear. I only wore very simple things that would not draw a lot of attention to myself because of how nervous I was to be noticed. All clothes that I saw online that I liked I would take screenshots of them and look at them and imagine a day I would be comfortable enough to wear them.

One day in my junior year of high school I realized how ridiculous I was being. I decided that this “one day” crap was only going to happen if I actually did something about it, so I did. I donated all the clothes I did not want anymore and I was lucky enough to do some shopping and start to create a new wardrobe.

At first it was so scary to actually be wearing a dress to school, actually wearing high heels, wearing actual outfits rather than a t-shirt and pants.But feeling great in what I was wearing helped boost my confidence. I remember in high school girls would come up to me and tell me they loved my clothes but were nervous to wear something like what I had on, and my advice to them was to just do it and feel happy and confident while doing it.

By my senior year of high school I was wearing something I loved every day. I didn't mind stares anymore because I felt good. I ended up being nominated for best dressed my senior year. Now as a 20 year old I continue to wear absolutely anything I want. I do not care about any weird looks I may get because I feel good, and that is all that matters. Dress how you want and remember there are no rules in fashion.