Disney+ Makes Me Feel Like a Kid Again

I have been excited for Disney+, the new streaming service provided by Disney, since it was advertised. With that being said I was quick to sign up for the notification as to when it was going to be released to the public. Once it was released, on November 12th, I  signed up for the monthly plan almost instantly and began to explore the new streaming service.

As far as streaming services go, Disney+ is definitely one of the cheaper ones, as the monthly is $6.99, with a 7-day free trial. There is also an option to purchase Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ for $12.99 monthly. That is still cheaper than what I personally pay for Netflix. As of right now, though, I only have Disney+. Even though I pay more for Netflix, I still plan to have Netflix, as that offers other shows I like. However, Disney+ is truly a dream come true!

Disney+ has more to its streaming service than just Disney movies and shows. It also includes Pixar movies and shorts, Marvel movies, the Star Wars franchise, and some documentaries and shows from National Geographic. In addition to the movies and shows we are all familiar with, Disney+, similarly to Netflix, also has new, original material on the streaming service. Some of the new originals that have been highly advertised include: A Star Wars series called The Mandalorian, a spinoff of the High School Musical movies called High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, a live-action adaptation of Disney’s original animated Lady and the Tramp, a Christmas comedy called Noelle, and a National Geographic show called The World According to Jeff Goldblum.

While not all the newest movies from Disney are released, as of right now, onto the streaming service, many of the older movies we all grew up with have been released. Previous classics from the Disney vault, such as Bambi and Fantasia are available to watch right now on the service. 

However, these classics now come with a warning before the movie plays. These warnings are called ‘Outdated Cultural Depictions’. They are attached to the classical movies that are known for displaying racial stereotypes, such as the animated Dumbo. What was culturally acceptable back in the early days of Disney, are offensive now and Disney is aware of cultural changes. While they can not change these scenes in the famous movies, they can warn people to be cautious about them. I find this a nice addition to the description of the movies, even though I understand that was the culture of the time. Thus, I do not take offensive to the stereotypes, only because it is outdated thinking. 

Nevertheless, I am thrilled to have signed up for Disney+. The first movie I watched on the service was Winnie the Pooh: A Very Merry Pooh Year. I used to watch this movie with my mom around Christmas when I was younger. This movie has always brought a smile to my face everytime I watched it. This service is really bringing back my childhood. I love it! Even though there are two flaws for me. The first is that it does not remember what you were watching, which is something I have gotten used to from Netflix. Also, it does not have all my personal favorite shows and movies but it is still new. Shows like Fillmore may come about on the service later as it still grows. Either way, I love this service. It is truly budgeted money well spent.