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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Kutztown chapter.

I’m so over people my age making fun of others. Isn’t college supposed to be a time of learning to tolerate and accept other people, even if you don’t agree with their way of life or opinion? I thought we were at an age where we all developed on our sense of self and not constantly worry about what others are doing.

The reason I am semi ranting about this is because of something I just witnessed while I’m sitting here sipping my coffee and pretending to look busy in the library at my University. As I’m sitting here, I tend to people watch. I don’t people watch to gawk or make people feel awkward, I literally just like to look at people sometimes and I know I’m not the only one.

Anyways, just sitting here in the library observing my surroundings, the table in front of me is a group of about six or seven students, a mix of men and women who are doing the same thing as me, pretending to be busy and people watching, socializing with each other. Every person that walks by that wouldn’t fit the “norm”, the students make comments to each other and giggle and try to hide their stifled laughter.


A man wearing a long trench coat and fedora hat with leather boots and finger-less gloves walked by and they laughed, I heard one girl say that she “hopes he doesn’t blow up the school”. A beautiful girl who was tall with thick thighs and a full figure walked out of the library coffee shop with a candy bar and a bottle of water. Laughter again. “Water doesn’t cancel out the calories of a candy bar” …I heard.


I should have said something, should have stopped it but I didn’t. I regret that.

I feel bad for the students who feel the need to make fun of others. I’m sorry that you don’t know how accept others and let them lives their lives, kind of like the way you live your life how you want to every day. I’m sorry you’re so worried about what others are doing and feel the need to comment, just for a few laughs from your like-minded friends. I’m sorry you feel like putting others down might make you feel better about yourself. And I’m sorry that other people being different from you makes you so uncomfortable.

Think back to the times you may have been bullied or made fun of in your life simply for just being yourself. Sucks, doesn’t it? So why do it to other people. What other people do with their lives, especially strangers, doesn’t have an effect on your life. We learned to accept other’s differences in elementary school. Why is it still so hard to do in college?

Can we stop already? 

21 years old, always lost, but finding meaning in life in the little things. Give me a crappy cup of coffee, a laugh and a smile and we'll be friends. Love yourself.