Bulldogs are Beautiful Day

Let me just say, I love dogs! I grew up with dogs in the house since I was born. The only time in my life I have never had a dog is right now due to my landlord. Nevertheless, I dream of getting a dog every day.

I love all sorts of dogs, but my favorite has always been bulldogs. Whether they are French, American, or English, they are all wonderful. When I was younger and thought of adulthood, I dreamed of having an English bulldog named Logan, after the Wolverine. So, when I found out about a day dedicated to bulldogs, I had to write about it. 

April 21st, 2020 is National Bulldogs are Beautiful Day. I personally couldn’t agree more in terms of bulldogs being beautiful. While they are known for slobbering a lot and having too many wrinkles, they are still wonderful. The American Kennel Club rates bulldogs as the fifth most popular dog breed in the USA (with French bulldogs being fourth as a separate breed).

Bulldogs are great for all sorts of lifestyles. Since they are normally low-energy dogs, they are great for apartment living. Having a bulldog in an apartment is also great for safety, as they are great watchdogs when provoked. They are also a great source of fighting discrimination as many people find them to be rough in their faces. I have heard people say that bulldogs look like they ran their faces into walls. That is just basing the dog on its appearance, which is not all that makes a beautiful dog. Have you ever seen a bulldog happy? They are the cutest things ever when they are all happy and slobbering and smiling. A bulldogs attitude is one of the reasons they are beautiful. 

It is unfair to judge the dogs simply because of the wrinkles, frowns, and fountains of slobber that come from them. Their wrinkles make them unique. The frowns that they are famous for wearing match many people’s (including my own) resting bitchface. Those slobbering kisses are full of love. Besides, there is always soap and water to clean that up. 

So today, if you have a bulldog, show them your love (and say hi for me)! If you don’t have a bulldog, then look at pictures and videos of them on Google or social media. I recommend looking at @bulldogstuff , @house_of_bulldogs (which has 5 English bulldogs), and @bigchunkymonkey (which shows Chunky, who loves food and kids) on Instagram. These are just a few accounts that are so funny and cute. There are more out there that need to also be recognized.