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Everyone always says that, “boys will be boys” or “he is teasing you which means he likes you”

I always wondered why we grew up learning this.

This is a topic that always bothered me.

Boys WILL NOT always be boys. Just because he is mean and immature does not mean he necessarily likes you.

People need to stop teaching and praising that this behavior is ok, because it is not.

If a boy truly likes you, he will do anything for you. He will be the shoulder you lean on when you want to cry. He will watch those dumb movies because you enjoy them.

Sadly, I learned my worth years later the hard way. I was so used to being told over and over again that boys are mean because they like you. So I was convinced. Turns out, he was just a douchebag who hurt me. He did not like me.

Luckily, I met a boy in college who taught me what love is and how it is shown. He never has me feeling unloved and questioning my own worth.

This is what we should be teaching the next generation. Let’s get rid of ignoring  boy’s behavior. Actions and behaviors matter.

Sophomore, Secondary Education English major who loves coffee and criminal minds♡
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