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Books I’ll Get To Read Once The Semester is Over

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Kutztown chapter.

In the middle of the semester, I always had a hard time reading for fun. As an English major, I’m reading constantly for class (not to say these readings aren’t fun for all the professors reading this). By the time I finish my homework, all I want to do is turn off my brain. But, as the semester comes to an end, I’m starting to get excited about having more time to do what I want. Here are a few of the books I’m most excited to dive into. 

  1. A Cuban Girl’s Guide to Tea and Tomorrow By Laura Taylor Namey 

The main draw of this story to me was the casting for the movie. Both Kit Connor and Maia Reficco have been in some awesome projects and I’m excited to see them in an adaptation together. The story was what made me want to read the novel before the film is released. It feels like a classic YA romance, and I’m excited to dive into its cozy world. 

  1. A Little Bit Country By Brian D. Kennedy 

While doing research for some country music articles, I found this book. The thought of mixing romance, music, and Dollywood made this novel irresistible. It’s already waiting for me at home when I get a spare moment. 

  1. The Shadowhunter Universe by Cassandra Clare 

For this adaptation, I watched the show first. I normally try to read the books before watching any adaptation I care about, but the show hooked me in high school. I rewatched it this past winter and it really made me want to read the books that inspired it. There’s an entire universe of novels spanning throughout time, so it’s a huge endeavor, but I’m excited to have a new big series for the summer. 

  1. Everything For You by Chloe Liese 

This is the fifth book in the Bergman Brothers series. I’ve liked a couple of the other books in this collection, and I’ve really been enjoying sports books. Lucky for me, this book is both. It also has the enemies-to-lovers trope, which is always a bonus. 

  1. You Have a Match by Emma Lord 

Emma Lord is an author that I’ve recently gotten into. My friend and I—for a Galentine’s project—decided to read and annotate her book Tweet Cute together. I also recently read her book Begin Again. All of her stories are filled with so much joy and raw emotion that make them feel so genuine. I love her style and I’m excited to read You Have a Match.

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