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Birth Control Is a Misnomer

It seems there are a lot of people with a severe lack of understanding as to birth control’s actual purpose. While a little research on their part could have led them to some enlightenment, it is not entirely their fault since the name is somewhat misleading.

The majority of women on birth control are for reasons having nothing to do with pregnancy prevention. A lot of the time, women take birth control as a way to regulate their period. They might also take it to reduce their flow if it is particularly heavy. 

Birth control has the ability alleviate cramps for those whose are especially painful. Women with endometriosis, a particularly painful condition in which the lining of uterus grows outside of itself, absolutely need birth control to ease its effects. For those who suffer from PCOS, a disorder that causes ovarian cysts, birth control prevents cysts which could rupture and potentially cause death if cancerous.

It helps those dealing with PMS and an extension of it called PMDD, which has officially become considered a mental illness.

Aside from it being a necessity to those suffering from the conditions previously listed, it can reduce hormonal acne as well. Birth control works to regulate hormones that, in some women, are irregular and cannot be helped by anything else. 

Birth control goes beyond controlling potential pregnancies; it provides health benefits that for some women are a necessity. It also has the ability to prevent certain infections and cancers in women.

Yet, the government wants to make it so birth control is less accessible. Under the Affordable Care Act, women are able to receive birth control with no cost to them; it is covered by insurance.

The Trump administration wishes to deny women coverage for contraceptives. Under Trump’s mandate, employers would be able to opt out of paying for birth control if they object. What the government and certain employers are missing is an education on birth control’s benefits besides protection against pregnancy. For some, these advantages are essential to their health and overall well-being. For the government to keep birth control from a woman’s reach serves no good to anyone aside from their conscience.

Perhaps the government should be reminded of the separation of church from state. The vast majority of women taking birth control do so without option as it is a basic need of theirs. Few take it to obstruct God’s will, and those that do for that reason should be respected as their beliefs are no less or better than another’s. Needless to say, birth control is not as straightforward as the name entails.

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