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Every Valentine’s day, I love to get cozy and watch a romance movie. Listed below is 

just a few of my favorite movies I have watched!!

  • After 

Tessa Young is an innocent girl who comes to college in hopes of studying hard and getting her dream career. This soon changes when she meets Hardin, a mysterious bad boy who will either ruin or change her life…

  • Just Go With It

Danny is a plastic surgeon who fakes a divorce with his assistant. Their lies become so tangled and no one knows what will happen next in this romantic comedy.

  • To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

Lara Jean is a girl in high school who anytime she has a crush she writes them an imaginary letter. When these letters get lost into the whole school, will all of her crushes throughout the years find these and be angry or will her life be completely different?

  • The Perfect Date

A young man in high school in desperate need of money creates an app where people can pay for him to take them on a date or even make an ex jealous. What happens if just one specific date changes his mind about this app? How will he find the money now?

Secondary Education English major who loves coffee and criminal minds♡
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