Almost Summer Vacation

As this semester slowly drags to an end I cannot contain my excitement for the impending, and much needed, summer vacation. I am pretty much over being overwhelmed in an abyss of papers, projects, and presentations. I am so ready for warm summer days and nights with my friends and family.

As much as I love school, I cannot deny how nice a break from classes will be. This spring semester has really overwhelmed me and made me truly appreciate any calm moment that I may have.

My classes have been smooth sailing most of the time; however, these past few weeks (as well as the approaching weeks ahead) have been filled with endless work. The closing stages of semesters really tend to stress me out and I am constantly feeling behind.

I will be so relieved when my charts and lists I keep of when to complete work will finally be completely checked off, and I can throw out the sticky notes. It will be time for a happy and blissful break away from D2L and Google Docs.

I am looking forward to working once again and making money at my new job. I am also excited for mall trips and coffee runs with friends. I am really excited for bonfires; BBQ’s, shopping, hiking, eating, and laughing with the people in my life. I am also looking forward for long drives and going on vacations. Summer 2018 will be a good one.