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Since the release of Disney’s The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, conspiracy theories and possible alternate universes have been a constant topic in my apartment. The most recent discussion was about all the things we think Bucky’s arm should be able to do. It ranges from things that can actually benefit people to things that are practically useless, except for fun. They’re very useful for fun.

Make Shadow Puppets

When I say shadow puppets, I don’t mean making a vague animal shape with three fingers. I mean I want his hand to transform into an anatomically correct wolf, or bird. It would be really fun to entertain Sam’s nephews, or Sam.

Play Pranks (a la joke store)

Similar to how a joke store sells a flower that squirts water in your face, if you pull Bucky’s finger, a stream of water will come out. Or, if you pull a different finger, endless handkerchiefs come out. It’s another way for him to endlessly annoy Sam, and spice up their friendship.

Hold Snacks

Bucky is an Avenger, and he has an extremely fast metabolism because of the Super Soldier serum. As the most practical addition to his arm, having at least one snack compartment will increase his productivity (and will make him less hangry). Plus, it would bring a lot of joy to watch him press a button and have some goldfish fall out.

Make Him Fly

This was more of a wish than anything. We thought that it would be fun if a propeller, similar to a propeller hat, came out of his hand and let him fly. It would be extra funny because as he’s trying to keep up with Sam flying, Sam’s just filming him with Redwing laughing his ass off.

Be a Power Generator

Spawned from the need to make popcorn in a movie theatre, it was discussed that Bucky should be able to generate power by spinning his arm in a circle. Not only could it power a popcorn machine, but it could also be useful on missions. It would also be really funny to watch him power his arm generator up—unless you’re in the movie theatre and he’s doing it in front of you.

Have a Sleep Aid

My roommate suggested this one. Because his arm is vibranium, we feel like there would be hollow space somewhere to shove a pillow. This is especially applicable since Bucky sleeps on the floor. It could also be useful on missions whenever they have to sleep in an undesirable place.


Lastly, there should be a radio in his arm. It could be a radio that played stations, or it could be a bluetooth device. Either way, he should be able to listen to his favorite 40’s throwback songs to comfort him, and also get acquainted with the new songs (because who wouldn’t want to see Bucky jamming to some Taylor Swift?).

Not to say that I’ve cracked the code for the next season’s success, but I definitely think that his arm could use some upgrades. In all seriousness, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier was an amazing show, and even after it’s over, has remained a topic of conversation in our household.

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