6 Small Shops to Support on Social Media

Shopping from small businesses always has its benefits over large corporations - you find more unique items and you’re directly supporting another person. Many small businesses promote themselves and sell products on social media because of how simple it is. If you’re looking for more small shops to support and shop from, check out this list.

  1. 1. @beverlyysalas (TikTok)

    I cannot believe how beautiful Beverly Salas’s art is. When I came across her TikTok account, I was amazed by the intricate detail within each of her pieces. If you enjoy trippy and mesmerizing artwork, she sells prints, woven tapestries, and more on her Etsy account. For videos on her artistic process, follow her on TikTok. 

  2. 2. @artbykaraleez (Instagram)

    Kara makes the cutest sweaters I have ever seen. Seriously, they’re perfect. Slow fashion artists put endless hours of work into each project to make a unique, high-quality final product. Follow Kara’s Instagram to see her progress through new projects and updates about upcoming launches.

  3. 3. @j_jordace (TikTok)

    I love watching videos of people making jewelry, which is how I came across JJordace Jewelry. In her Tiktoks, she makes wire wrapped rings, necklaces, and personalized jewelry. JJordace Jewelry is all extremely affordable and high quality.

  4. 4. @aquamarine.designs (Instagram)

    If you love wearing statement earrings, I recommend Aquamarine Designs. Julia hand makes elegant wire earrings that you’ll want to wear every day. Follow Aquamarine Designs’ Instagram or take a look at her Depop to support her beautiful earrings.

  5. 5. @evamalleyart (TikTok)

    Eva Malley’s art is so fun and colorful. I think her art style is so unique and watching her TikToks bring me so much happiness, I want to buy everything from her shop. Take a look at Eva Malley’s website to support her small business.

  6. 6. @yarncute (Instagram)

    Just like her brand name says, Jess’s crocheted clothing and accessories are adorable. She is constantly creating new clothing to sell and also takes custom orders. Handmade, slow fashion is always worth paying a little extra for, especially considering how much time the creator will dedicate to your piece.