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5 Up-and-Coming Musicians to Follow on Spotify

In a world where music can be released on YouTube, Spotify, and a host of other music distribution websites, it’s easy to overlook up-and-coming musicians. According to my Spotify Wrapped, I listened to over 1,200 different artists within the past year, but I can only list about 30 of said artists’ names. Sorting through an overwhelming amount of singer-songwriter profiles can be exhausting, so I’m providing you with a list of five musicians who consistently release quality songs:

  1. The Warning

The Warning is a band from Monterrey, Mexico consisting of three sisters: Daniela, Paulina, and Alejandra. Although they’ve been posting covers and original music for 12 years, the trio skyrocketed to fame after the release of their cover of Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” in 2014. They’ve since released two studio albums and two EPs, as well as a rerecording of “Enter Sandman” with one of my  favorite artists, Alessia Cara. They’ve been applauded for revitalizing a classic hard rock feel that’s been lacking lately, and the siblings’ humility and talent are such a joy to watch. They’re known for their innovative lyrics, such as “The sun is my enemy today/ I’m running from the misery like there’s no tomorrow/ Let’s share it with them/ And show all the world that this life isn’t borrowed time” (“DISCIPLE”) and “Help me become something/ More than just a vessel in disguise/ Pain is the price to survive” (“EVOLVE”). The Warning has proved itself as the band to keep your rebellious eyes on while it steps into the forefront of the rock music scene, opening for legendary bands Aerosmith, Def Leppard, and The Killers.

  1. DYLAN

Breakout star DYLAN (real name Natasha Woods) is a Suffolk singer who’s exploded onto the indie scene. She released her EP “No Romeo” this year, and all four songs are absolute bangers. Every track feels like sticking your head out of a car window while on a long road trip with friends, just pure chaotic joy. From blissfully beautiful lyrics like “Trust in me I’ll hold you up/ Be the light inside your heart/ Help you dance within the dark” (“Nineteen”) to empowering encouragement in the form of “Get up, let’s go, let’s get off the floor/ Put on a dress and walk out the door/ Leave him behind and know that you’re better off” (“No Romeo”), every song embodies emotion perfectly. DYLAN is currently signed to Grumpy Old Management, known most notably for housing Ed Sheeran.

  1. Citizen Queen

An acapella girl group formed by Pentatonix member Scott Hoying, Citizen Queen is teaming with talent. The group is comprised of members Nina Nelson, Kaylah Sharve, Hannah Mrozak, Cora Isabel, and Kaedi Dailey, all of whom met after a casting call hosted by Hoying. The band has been releasing covers since 2018, although they’ve begun to branch out into original music. The group’s dynamic is fun to watch, and all of their elaborate music videos are executed flawlessly. Mrozak penned one of the group’s original songs, “Y,” with heartbreaking lyrics like “Who knew this small room could feel so big?/ And I hate it’s finally as clean as I wanted it/ Can I say I miss the dishes in the sink/ The complicated way you think?” She also previously competed on season 13 of The Voice, participating as a member of both Adam Levine and Jennifer Hudson’s respective teams. 

  1. We Three

A family band from Oregon, the trio blew up after they performed on season 13 of America’s Got Talent in 2018. Their audition, an original song written from the perspective of their mother right before she died from cancer, currently has over 13 million views. They’ve released two albums and one EP, covering a variety of tough topics ranging from body insecurities to self-harm. Every lyric dives into the depths of human emotion, with lines like “I sing about depression and I try to convey a message, so that everybody can feel less alone/…Cause I’m a hypocrite I’ll tell you how to live then live the opposite/ I’ll help you fight some wars I’ve never won” (“Same Way Too”) and “Winter here at home, you wonder/ If I’d like a sweater/ No thank you I am fine/ You body’s right next to mine/ This really is my kind of weather” (“Sweater Weather”). 

  1. Maggie Lindemann

Lindemann is known for her alternative rock anthems, somehow mixing melancholic lyrics in a way that morphs them into battle cries. Although her most mainstream song, “Pretty Girl,” has a very bubblegum pop sound, Lindemann thrives when she embraces her alternative style. Her EP, Paranoia, is filled with tracks that bleed angst and rebellion. Some of her most notable lyrics include “If all of my friends wanted to jump/ Would I, would I?/ If I could feel nothing, if I could feel numb/ Would I, would I?” (“Would I”) and “‘Stead of dealin’ with my problems, I’ll just stare at the ceiling/ Avoidance never heals but this sure feels good/…Yeah, I’m a loner/ And I like it that way/ I like a dark room/ With nobody but pain” (“Loner”). Lindemann has opened for Sabrina Carpenter, The Vamps, and Madison Beer on their respective tours.

Sianna Swavely is a Cinema, Television, and Media Production and Professional Writing major, with a minor in Communication Studies. In her free time, she can be found video editing, playing the piano, or watching Youtube videos while pretending to study.
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