5 Reasons to Watch Legends of Tomorrow

Legends of Tomorrow is one of the many spin-offs of The CW’s Arrow and it is set in the same universe. It follows a group of unlikely heroes—or legends, as they prefer to be called—that travel through time to protect history and defeat countless villains. The show’s fourth season is set topremiere on October 22 on The CW.

1. Time Travel

As a show focused on time travel, it has many opportunities to change its setting. One episode could be focused on what would happen if Caesar conquered the Americas while another episode could be about the Wild West. This allows the writers to constantly shake things up in the show. It also provides countless entertaining situations for the characters to get into while traveling on their time ship, known as the Waverider.

2. Leonard Snart (a.k.a Captain Cold)

Leonard Snart, an expert in thievery, was initially introduced in The CW’s the Flash as a villain that appears to have a good nature way deep down. But, once his character is brought onto the Waverider, he learns what it is like to be a part of a team and finds himself working to be a hero--much to his crime partner’s annoyance. Snart is intelligent, witty, and (let’s be honest) handsome. It wasn’t shocking when he became a fan favorite.

3. Sara Lance (a.k.a The White Canary)

Sara Lance, a trained assassin, was initially introduced as the Black Canary on The CW’s Arrow. When she joined the legends, she took on the mantle of the White Canary. When she first came aboard the Waverider, she distanced herself from the team. As time went on, she found herself not only relying on these people, but calling them friends as well. Sara is an excellent fighter and leader, and she is hands down one my favorite characters.

4. Crossovers

Every year, The CW holds a major crossover event with its Arrow-verse superhero shows. Characters from Legends have appeared in various episodes of the Flash, Arrow, and Supergirl throughout the years. It’s always entertaining to watch these characters cross through time and dimensions to interact with one another.

5. Humor

Honestly, the best thing about this show is how hilarious it is. Sure, it has its somber moments, but nothing to the extent of Arrow. They find a way to bring in the humor as our favorite legends blunder through time and often make a bigger mess of things before they fix it.