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Women’s History Month is an opportunity for people to educate themselves about important issues that past women faced, as well as how to protect present and future women from suffering in similar ways. There are plenty of books, podcasts, blog articles, etc. on all kinds of relevant topics, but I gathered a short list of helpful shows and movies that you can watch at home to provide a more visual component to all of the history and lessons to be learned this month.

RBG (Hulu)

Based on the life of late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, this film dives into some of her crucial legal battles that played a role in shaping women’s rights movements. RBG was a trail-blazing feminist icon whose unexpected death was a shock to everyone, but this documentary allows her legacy to live on. If you’re looking to learn more about her career and impact on the law, consider checking this out.

She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry (Netflix)

This documentary looks even further back into early women’s movements (1960s/1970s) by highlighting important female activists who used their voices to advocate for women’s reproductive health, freedom of expression, and protection against discrimination, harasssment, and assault. This powerful movie is worth watching to see how the women’s liberation movement panned out to the progress we’ve made today.

Hidden Figures (Disney+)

This story of a team of black female mathematicians who served a vital role in NASA’s early years of the U.S. space program started as a best-selling novel before it hit the big screens. This group was underestimated constantly while facing both race and gender discrimination. Although based on a real story, this film is a dramatized work to retell these women’s stories, so it is a more entertaining choice than information-only documentary pieces.

Equal Means Equal (Amazon Prime)

Director Kamala Lopez discovers how outdated sexist values continue to harm women today. Equal Means Equal focuses on issues like rape culture and domestic violence and how inadequate legal protective measures fail to keep women safe at work, on the streets, and even in their own homes. If you’re not familiar with the Equal Rights Amendment, this movie might be beneficial for you to watch.

We Will Rise (HBO Max)

We Will Rise: Michelle Obama’s Mission to Educate Girls Around the World features a few influential women in society travelling to different parts of the world. This groups’ mission is to meet young women persevering through hardships and help them in their journey to better education access. This empowering film is just the inspiring thing we need to keep pushing forward in our fight to help women across the globe.

Kayla is a sophomore Social Media Theory and Strategy student at Kutztown University. Her interests range from youth activism to the latest beauty trends, so she is always glad to see these topics brought into the online networking world.
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