3 Years of Growth: As Told by Beyonce'

In approximately one week I will be a senior in college. The time has flown by so quickly it's insane. I remember my very first day here at Kutztown just as vividly as yesterday. The Layshan from then would have never guessed that I would have grown and accomplished what I have. The aspirations and goals that I express today were not even a thought in my 18-year-old brain. It's crazy how much 3 years can change a person and over the years I've learned a few important things.

The importance of having a squad like no other...

Nobody should have to go through anything alone, we all should believe that we are strong enough to get over a hurdle as big as higher education. But that doesn't mean that having people to cheer you on, pipe you up, and teach you easier and more efficient ways to get over the hurdle isn’t okay. I’ve met amazing people here who help me do just this; Reanna, Christina, Casey & Tony. These are people that I can laugh, cry, and break into dance with without question. Who have helped me grow into the person I am today.

Having a chocolate hitter to the left of me has probably been the most crucial influence towards my success here.

Without Dasia, there would have been days of defeat and no hope of coming back from them. I wouldn't have memories to last a lifetime and I most definitely wouldn’t have laughed more times than I can count. She’s been my right and left hand for 3 years; my sister.

My favorite thing about the past 3 years here is that I found my voice.

I found the urge to speak up towards injustice, ask questions when I don’t understand, and to teach when I am equipped to. I found my voice as a Feminist, a Black Woman at a PWI, and a leader. With so much to say, I am lucky enough to have a platform to share it all. Her Campus has given me a stage, my Beyonce’ moment, and I’m grateful for it.