10 Charities to Donate to this Holiday Season

Recently, I have been inspired by how many people on my Instagram and Tik Tok feeds are giving to charities or helping individuals in need. The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically increased how many people are in need while charity operations are also severely impacted. This holiday season I want to do more to help support others in need. Donating any amount to a charity will be helpful for the organization to reach its goals. Below is a list of ten great charities to consider donating to.

  1. 1. Girls Helping Girls. Period.

    Girl Helping Girls. Period. aims to provide period products to those who cannot afford them. Despite being a necessity menstrual products are often taxed and not covered by food stamps. Feminine hygiene is a basic health right. All donations made to Girls Helping Girls. Period. goes toward educating others on the need and giving clients a year supply of products.

  2. 2. Carrying Hope

    Carrying Hope works to give children a bag filled with necessities and comfort items as they enter the foster care system. Often, children are not allowed to bring anything with them or their few belongings are put in a trash bag. Giving children a bag full of comforting items can be extremely helpful during a traumatic time. You can give to Carrying Hope by donating supplies, for which they provide a list of including what products they need most.

  3. 3. Navajo Hopi Solidarity

    Navajo Hopi Solidarity was established by Ethel Branch on March 15, 2020, as a campaign to assist a handful of Navajo and Hopi families with food supplies so they could self-quarantine. Since then the organization has grown exponentially and now provides food and water to thousands of Navajo and Hopi families. To continue their mission, Navajo Hopi Solidarity is accepting donations through GoFundMe or a mailed check.

  4. 4. Center for Reproductive Rights

    The Center for Reproductive Rights’ mission is to use legal forces to fight for reproductive rights to be a basic human right around the world. They are the only worldwide organization dedicated to reproductive rights. Attorneys work in and outside of the courtroom to fight for birth control, safe abortions, and feminine health. The Center for Reproductive Rights has made outstanding progress for women, seen by their national court cases and strengthened laws and policies around the world.

  5. 5. Scholarship America

    Scholarship America helps students fulfill their dreams by giving them the financial resources they need. They work with communities, businesses, and individuals to help students by giving scholarships, reducing debt, and providing emergency aid. Scholarship America is dedicated to helping every student succeed by relieving them of financial burdens.

  6. 6. National Immigration Law Center

    The National Immigration Law Center (or NILC) works to defend and advance the rights of low-income immigrants. The decline of immigrant rights in the United States has forced the NILC to the frontlines to defend immigrants. Donations to the NILC Immigrant Justice Fund and National Immigration Law Center support building political power, more inclusive policies, defend the constitutional rights of immigrants and educate the public on immigration issues.

  7. 7. Prevent Child Abuse America

    Preventing Child Abuse America is dedicated to preventing child abuse before it happens. Families have the most impact on whether or not a child grows up healthy, loved, and valued. The organization advocates for scientific programs and resources to help children and families build stronger relationships to ensure that all kids are being lovingly cared for. They also educate and equip parents with all of the necessary information on raising children to give them the tools to succeed. Prevent Child Abuse America accepts contributions to help build a safer and more stable home environment for children.

  8. 8. National Alliance to End Homelessness

    The National Alliance to End Homelessness is working to prevent and end homelesness, one of the biggest issues plaguing the United States. Currently, the organization is conducting surveys with Continuums of Care to determine their most pressing needs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Donations to the National Alliance to End Homelessness would support research to find more solutions to homelessness and actively carry out in communities.

  9. 9. Sierra Club Foundation

    The Sierra Club Foundation is widely known for its strides toward improving the climate. Today their main focuses are on protecting wild spaces and finding fossil fuel alternatives. The organization does extensive political lobbying to push for preservation and change. Donating to the Sierra Club Foundation helps with education, research, and lobbying.

  10. 10. The Trevor Project

    The Trevor Project has nationwide resources for young LGBTQ+ people who are in crisis. They have crisis hotlines, suicide prevention training, and community resources for queer individuals. Donating to The Trevor Project will ensure that every struggling LGBTQ+ youth receives the support they need.