Why You Should Love "Frozen"


Right about now everyone is done with the cold, but watching Disney’s "Frozen" can really happen at any time of the year.

The movie circles around two sisters, Anna and Else of Arendelle, Anna being the younger, naïve sister, and Elsa being the older, fearful and magical sister who possesses the ability to not only freeze, but also to set off an eternal winter in the middle of summer due to her fear driving her magical talent.

"Frozen" is one of the best things Disney has put out there, not just because of the awesome music and visual effects, but because of the subliminal messages it gets across to the audience: family importance, helping your friends, being a strong woman, having a sense of adventure, knowing what’s right, the idea of selflessness and loyalty; the list is practically endless.

Sure, "Cinderella" and "Sleeping Beauty" are awesome stories and are cute princess movies for little girls to want to be when they’re all grown up. But why be a helpless princess waiting for a prince to save you, when you can just do it yourself? Sure chivalry is great and refreshing, but we can take care of ourselves, ladies. Anna and Elsa take charge of their lives and ailments to help themselves, and more importantly, to help each other.

As women we should strive to help younger girls to see these two female protagonists as a better choice of role models than helpless princesses who rely on others to secure their fates and futures. Most of all, the value of friendship in the movie is extremely important to the characters, which is a refreshing breeze from Disney, given evil stepmothers and betrayal are a common thread for the company.

You can’t deny it: Olaf the snowman is probably the cutest thing to ever be created. Not only is he adorable, he’s also loyal, a quality in people that seems to fade with each passing generation. Olaf stayed by Anna’s side throughout her journey, in peril and in fun, not letting petty problems like heat and fire keep him from being with his friend. His quote “Some people are just worth melting for” is a powerful statement that should be repeated forever. The people you care the most about in your life should be worth melting for. Thanks, Olaf, for the painfully cute message that’s actually super relatable.

Finally, Anna shows us all how important it is to be yourself. She is such a relatable character to teens and young women because she is awkward, quirky, funny and definitely not afraid to get a good night’s rest. She is a princess, and so by default holds a good deal of power in her hands. She does not, however, lose her sense of “self” while she helps her sister to lead their people and always makes sure to have fun. We don’t have to go through our lives trying to be perfect, ladies! Everyone makes mistakes, you might as well make them while being yourself, not attempting to be someone else.