Why You Don't Need A Man Right Now

We are just getting out of what is known as “cuffing season” and if you’re single, it has most likely been a rough winter. But have no fear, there are plenty of other ladies that don’t have men in their lives. Here are some reasons why you and all other women don't need a man right now.

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  1. School is more important than a guy

    I know this isn’t the most fun part about college, but it is why we are here. School should be more important to a guy because it leads to your future and it is what you are spending thousands of dollars on. 

  2. Boys are complicated

    Having a man in your life just makes things way more complicated. Being in any kind of relationship makes things more complicated. Yes, we need relationships. But we don’t always need a romantic relationship when things are already hard enough.

  3. Life is more fun

    Life is more fun when you don’t have someone you need to be constantly communicating with. You aren’t tied down and you can pretty much do whatever you want. What’s better than that?

  4. You have more time

    Without a boyfriend, you have more time for all sorts of things. You can exercise more or have more time for school work. Most importantly, you can have more time for yourself and more time to relax. 

  5. You can save money

    Having a boyfriend is expensive. You have to spend money to go places and do things. Then you also have to buy them presents for whatever event comes up. So save that money and avoid a man.

  6. YOU are the most important person

    When it comes down to your life, you are the most important person. If you don’t think you can handle a relationship, then don’t get into a relationship. You have to listen to yourself and know what is right for you.