Why We Should Throw Around The Word "Love"

How often have you been told to be careful when using the word "love"? In my experience, more times than I can count.

Love is something everyone should experience. We should be given the opportunity to give and receive it each and every day. It’s not meant to be saved for special occasions, because how do you know there will be a next time?

My grandmother passed away recently. She was my rock, my partner-in-crime and the person who taught me unconditional love. She was German, and after failing to teach me the language of our ancestors, I managed to cling onto only three words: “Ich liebe dich,” which means “I love you.” Never was there a day that I recall not telling her I loved her. I made a promise to myself long ago that those would be the last words spoken between us when I saw her. Often I would see her three or four times in a day, and though annoying, I made sure they were exchanged.

The day my grandmother passed away I had visited her just six hours prior. She had been having trouble speaking, but when we decided to leave, I leaned in—for what would be one last time—and said, “I love you.” She replied clearly, “I love you, too.”

Everyone deserves love. This is why I don’t believe using the word frequently is a bad thing. Of course, saying it to the random person next to you on the bus may be pushing it, and a little creepy, but to friends and family, it should become second nature.

When you think about it, what's the worst that could happen? You tell someone you love them and they don't love you back? That will never be your loss. Because in that moment, you opened your heart to someone. Strive for the "be good and do good" in this world. Love and let yourself be loved.  

Please take time to think about everyone who has contributed in shaping you into the beautiful person you are today. And the next time you see/Skype/text/write/call them, try to tell them you love them in the best way you can. Life is short. Like most things, we often learn our lessons when it’s just a little too late. Share your love, and remind others just how special they are to you. You never know when it will be the last time you’ll be given the chance.