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Why Frenemies is The Best YouTube Drama Show

On the channel H3 Podcast on Youtube, the podcast Frenemies has become the hottest channel for drama and spilling the tea. The podcast’s hosts are Trisha Paytas and Ethan Klein, both of who are complete opposites yet work perfectly together for the funniest show right now on YouTube. Frenemies comes out on YouTube on Tuesdays, and honestly, it’s the thing I look forward to the most every week!

Ever since the internet started and YouTube came out in 2005, controversies and drama have been the most talked-about subject. Even if you don’t follow internet drama, there’s no denying that people wouldn’t recognize some of the biggest stars the internet has to offer. Some of those names include James Charles, Logan and Jake Paul, Shane Dawson, and more. But with fame comes downfalls when old and new information comes up about the internet celebrity. And the podcast Frenemies is always ready to talk about the recent celebrity takedowns.

Both Trisha Paytas and Ethan Klein have had their own controversies over the past few years, and honestly, after the start of Frenemies, they’ve been a part of more drama more than ever. But their spotlight hasn’t been negative, as they’ve helped bring to light some current internet celebrities and all their wrongdoings. They were the ones that helped shine a spotlight on the Vlogsquad and David Dobrik’s messed up and exploitive videos on YouTube that recently came to light. But before I expand more on that, I want to give a little more background on Frenemies.

The first episode of Frenemies came out on September 15, 2020, so the podcast is really recent. The show started after Trisha started dating Moses, who is Ethan’s wife’s brother. They started the show as a joke, but it quickly became a popular podcast that many enjoy every Tuesday (including me)! The show almost ended a few times with fights and Trisha storming out in the middle of the show. But now, they are on episode 30 and going strong. 

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On Frenemies, they talk about current internet drama, do fun trivia games, and eat food. Their dynamic is quirky and hilarious and makes for a very funny show. Trisha comes off as slightly clueless on many subjects but is very knowledgeable of specific cultural topics like drama, musicals, and celebrities. Ethan is very down-to-earth and knowledgable on the know-how of culture as well. He contrasts yet somehow perfectly matches Trisha’s energy. They make for the perfect podcast duo honestly. I started watching Frenemies after watching a TikTok on the show. After watching the first episode, I was immediately captivated by their weird, hilarious relationship.

I hated Trisha before the podcast and didn’t know who Ethan was as well. I don’t condone some of their past actions, but after watching the show, I realized how funny and sincere they really are. They’ve definitely changed, and I think their friendship has really been the cause of some of the good changes in both of them. Ethan is a great friend to Trisha, and he’s helped her realize some of the toxic people in her life, who she has now dropped. So not only are they funny, but they also have such a sincere brother-and-sister type friendship that you can’t help but want to watch!

There are so many topics I could talk about that the podcast has covered. But I’ll just mention the recent piece of drama that went down on the internet: the fall of David Dobrik. The topic of David and his VlogSquad started on Frenemies a few months ago when Trisha brought up all her issues and what went down when she was part of the Vlog Squad. She had dated one of the members and it didn’t end well. But on the podcast, she talked about why she didn’t like David and some of the things that were very questionable about the Vlog Squad. For months, listeners have been following the stories and seeing more evidence come out against David. When more information came out and more people came forward with their stories on different allegations, David and members of the Vlog Squad lost sponsorships and many subscribers. He was canceled, as one would say.

Now I don’t want to claim any rumors or anything like that on here, but a lot of the information on David and the Vlog Squad first started circulating on Frenemies. I think it was great that the information started to come forward. I don’t like cancel culture, but I do think that certain celebrities and Youtubers should not continue to be praised especially if they’ve done very terrible things. But Trisha and Ethan have helped encourage people to bring their stories forward. 

Besides drama, they also talk about serious topics like weight and mental health issues. Both bring up stories from their own experience, helping to bring awareness to mental health and topics on body issues. Recently, they’ve really started talking about healthy coping mechanisms like talking to people, working out, eating to make you happy, and just finding people who you can trust. They both overall think happiness is the most important thing, which I personally think is very true. They both talk in a very engaging way about certain topics while talking about their own experiences, which makes the content relatable and enjoyable. 

On the other hand, some of the topics they talk about are very stupid. Stupid, yet very entertaining. They both go on tangents on topics that have nothing to do with anything relevant. They can both on tangents about different celebrities, random history topics, and food. They will stop episodes for 20 minutes to just order a pizza to eat. But never have I found myself ever wanting to skip forward in the video. 

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I didn’t think I would ever spend this much of my time enjoying a drama channel like this. The podcasts are usually two hours long, but I always find myself wanting more after the episode ends. It’s such a great break from the day and it’s so entertaining. 

The reason I’m writing an article on this show is that I want to spread awareness of how actually funny Frenemies is. A lot of people might judge the show because the hosts are Trisha and Ethan, who have both been a part of the drama in the past. I thought the same thing. But after watching the show, I really feel like you get to know them more. Even if you still hate Trisha and Ethan, the podcast is a great show for anyone who just wants an entertaining, mind-numbing break from their busy day. 

Their discussions are so funny and I really recommend the show for anyone who enjoys entertaining videos. If the stuff I talked about above is something you like to watch and keep up to date with, I really recommend watching Frenemies! Personally, I think it’s the best YouTube Drama show out there right now! You can find it on the channel H3 Podcasts on YouTube. There are 30 episodes out right now and all over an hour-long at least, so have fun binging!

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