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Who’s Your Superhero Soulmate?

Whether or not you’re into superheroes it’s always a good idea to know which hunk could be yours… And let’s face it: who doesn’t want to find out what mess of crime-fighting muscles could be romantically saving your life?

Captain America

If you are an old-fashioned girl who believes in freedom and always is complaining about where the gentlemen have gone then Cap is definitely for you, not only will he treat you with love and respect, but he’s a good ol’ fashioned American boy.


You looking for a man who is “out of this world”? Look no further. If you’re a girl who wants someone who will both save your life and make you a ruler of not just one, but two planets then Thor is your superhero. Not only is he ungodly hot (see what I did there?) but he is the God of thunder and lightning, that’s bound to bring some zing to your relationship.

Iron Man

The epitome of a smart*ss, but so funny and sexy while he does it. If you are looking for a self-proclaimed “genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist” then here you have it (very specific by the way). Plus with a super-smart boyfriend you’ll get all the tech you want; just watch out for crazy past flames.


Batman (or Bruce Wayne) is pretty awesome for having no actual super powers. He’s rich and you’ll spend hours picking apart his well-supplied utility belt. If you’re dark and mysterious and not entirely good then Batman is the perfect partner to match your dark broodiness.


The man of everything will obviously be able to give you most everything. Another good ol’ American boy from Kansas (which just adds to appeal) Clark knows how to treat his girl and you’ll be the safest, and most endangered, citizen in the world, just get used to being rescued… a lot.


Hawkeye is kind of like Batman where he really only shoots arrows really well. If you’re more of the quiet and supportive personality types then Hawkeye is your man seeing as he’s a great team player but isn’t always fighting for the spotlight like all of the other Avengers. Plus you can nickname him Legolas! (nerd moment)

And for the true fans… Deadpool

If you’re an extremely sarcastic and talkative person with a bit of a rough past than Deadpool is your true love. Not only will he keep you laughing but he’s great for cozying up with and saving your ass all of the time… but honestly would you want it any other way? 

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As a Disney, dog, and superhero enthusiast I live for the outdoors (particularly my homeland foothills) and the unreal where adventures and the ridiculous are quite obtainable and/or practical.
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