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You might be wondering from this title: How do fictional characters translate into the zodiac signs? Heck, I am wondering the same thing. But, as I was watching my nightly dose of New Girl I came to the realization that everyone in the show represents certain zodiac sign aspects that are particular to the sign. 

Here is the zodiac signs as New Girl characters:

Aries: Aly Nelson

Aly, who is also known as Winston’s girlfriend, wife, support system, and stabilizer (Winny the bish needs someone to balance him out), represents the epitome of Aries. She is super calm and collected in her profession as a cop. She knows how to handle stressful situations even with chaotic people all around her. Despite all this, she can be short-tempered, especially with her family. She brings in the fun as well and that’s what I love about her. Our fire sign queen.

Taurus: Nick Miller

I love my Tauruses and they have some great qualities, but they also have some not-so-great stereotypes associated with them, and “Nick Miller Nick Miller” fits them all. He’s a bit lazy and a LOT stubborn. I am not saying Tauruses are like that, but that is where they get their bad reputation. I don’t make the rules. There are some really good Taurus-like qualities that Nick possesses though. He is super sweet and creative (especially when it comes to his book The Pepperwood Chronicles). He also will always go out of his way to do kind things for the people he loves, no matter how unbearable they may be.

Gemini: Genevieve

Genevieve is sort of a limited edition character. But nonetheless, she possesses all the faces of a Gemini. She is a passionate lover to her boyfriend (who is also Jess’s ex) Dr. Sam. She is a lovely teacher but at the same time she holds an unexplainable rage inside her that comes out when it needs to. Like most Geminis, she is oddly in tune with nature, and for some reason most Geminis I have met love nature/science/elements. She is passionate with her love but can get serious with her career and we absolutely love to see it. 

Cancer: Robbie

If Robbie doesn’t represent cancer, I don’t know who does. He is emotional all the time and he feels everything deeply. His love for Jess was beyond words (up until they found out they were cousins). He was heartbroken after Cece got with Schmidt and that heartbreak lasted a while. Just like cancers, Robbie dates and he loves hard but at the end of the day, he is open and kind and compassionate towards the people he cares for.

Leo: Bob Day (Jess’s dad)

Bob Day is by far my favorite person on the show. He comes in with the sass and the pizzazz if you will. He is super affectionate and loving towards his daughter Jess, but with that comes protectiveness. He wants to protect her from the harm in life. Bob calling and threatening Nick to finally propose to Jess was one of my favorite scenes, personally. It solidified that Bob is a very all-or-nothing person and that is what Leos represent to the T.

Virgo: Schmidt

Like most Virgos I know, Schmidt is nothing less than precise. He is calculated with his clothes and outfit choices. He is careful when planning things. He is super money conscious as well, which is a quality Virgos inherently possess. He is super honest about his opinions and is straightforward to his friends, whether it hurts their feelings or not. That being said he would move mountains for Cece and his friends and Virgos will do just that.

Libra: Cece

Libras usually have a certain comforting and confident aura about them and that is exactly what Cece brings to the table. Our Indian-American goddess, Cece, has such a radiating aura. She is such a good mother to Ruth and a great wife to Schmidt. Like a Libra though, she is indecisive and switches between her career passions. She does modeling, then recruits models, bartends, and more. Lastly, like a Libra, she is able to balance out the dynamic between her husband Schmidt and her best friend Jess and that is why we love her.

Scorpio: Reagan

There is not a world where Reagan wouldn’t represent Scorpios. She is feisty, she is hot, and she is mysterious. She is a boss at her job and has the ability to make heads turn. However, Scorpios are closed off and unfortunately Reagan is too. She is not able to express her feelings to Nick even though she feels them so genuinely. She also presents herself as cold-hearted, and even though she isn’t, that is what the rest of the world sees. 

Sagittarius: Coach

This one is a little harder to explain, but there are a few reasons why I think Coach is a Sagittarius. First of all, Sagittariuses are sweet and kind, but at the end of the day they keep it real and 100% with the ones they care about. In the same way, Coach is always cheering his friends on and wanting what’s best for them. He implemented fitness into his and Nick’s routine when he saw Nick slipping into his unhealthy habits. He always has a tough exterior but a soft interior and that sums up Sagittariuses. I mean, he moved across the country to live with May in New York, if that’s not Sagittarius behavior, what is?

Capricorn: Russell

I don’t have much to say about this choice of mine except for Russell is a businessman. All the Capricorns I have met have been leaders and obsessed with money, and maybe it’s the fact that it is the earthiest of earth signs and they are drawn to currency made of trees. Regardless, my point still stands. Capricorns also age really well, and let’s just say….Russell did too.

Aquarius: Winston Bishop

Aquariuses are probably the most secretly intuitive, empathetic and unintentionally quirky people out there. Winston and his obsession with patterned shirts, cats, and odd sense of humor fits right into the list of Aquarius traits. Aquariuses are also always interested in others and love observing reactions. I can just imagine Winston’s face while he proposes to Aly and his reaction when his cat died. He is odd, but he has feelings and isn’t afraid to show them to the people he loves.

Pisces: Jess Day

Last but not least, Jess is definitely the Pisces mascot. There are a lot of positive traits I can list off for Pisces, such as creativity, empathy, and genuine care for others. Don’t get me wrong, Jess has all of those qualities. However, she can also, like Pisces, be very melodramatic and involve herself in business that doesn’t need to involve her. Whether it’s fixing her friends’ issues, setting Nick up, or trying to get her parents to get back together, she always meddles in between. Although empathetic, she often finds herself in tricky situations because of her inherent need to be of importance.

(this article makes me want to know every New Girl fan’s opinion about this)

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