What Your Favorite Lawrence Coffee Shop Says About You

Anyone who has been in Lawrence for longer than a semester will notice that the town is somewhat abuzz with local coffee shops. Every single one of them has its own pizzazz and deserves love in its own way. I personally find it hard to decide which one to head to on any given day, but let's be real, we're all partial to our favorite. Here's what yours says about you.


  • Java Break

You probably find yourself often burning the midnight oil. Given that Java Break was once a 24-hour coffee shop, you found the perfect place to do that. You also probably like things that are just a little bit strange. Java Break has just the edge you were looking for, especially late at night. Maybe you're also hoping to hit that lucky dice roll and score a free drink…but you haven't yet. No shame.

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  • Signs of Life

You are not in a rush. You don't want the insensitivity of running in to grab your latte without enjoying what's around you. You like to explore the deeper levels of things. Why settle for just a cup of coffee when you can also find yourself surrounded by good books and lots of art?

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  • La Prima Tazza

Studying amongst what seem like successful and sophisticated adults probably makes you feel better about yourself…or maybe you're just doing your best to avoid the loud students always taking up that large table in Starbucks. You probably also like your coffee a tad on the fancier side. Nothing wrong with asking for a boost in quality. Know your worth.

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  • PT's

You're on campus a LOT…but you don't want to stay right ON campus for hours, so this is the best solution. If you're a regular, you probably have found yourself recognized upon walking in. You love how little time it takes you to get from PT's to that one class you have in Smith or that meeting you have at the Union. You also probably forget your headphones a lot, but you know the baristas will have the best music on when you walk in.

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  • McLain's

You followed the hype and it did not disappoint. Sometimes you aren't even looking for coffee, you're just still so blown away by the fact that this place exists right on campus (so am I, honestly). You're also a lover of convenience. You probably enjoy studying with friends instead of alone, and you know that at any given time, you'll find one of your friends studying here.

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  • Alchemy

You're not intimidated by a lack of a menu or names for drinks in another language. You know your coffee. If you're a loyal regular, you probably followed them from the end of Mass Street to the center of it and you like to tell people how much you prefer "the new space". You also love a good sandwich. Totally understandable.

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  • 1900 Barker

You're a sucker for cottages and artisan bread. You probably know your way around a cup of coffee too and aren't here for the basics. Power to you.

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  • Yours isn't on this list

If this list is missing YOUR favorite coffee shop here in LFK, congratulations! You've managed to swim pretty hard against the current. Some things are best kept secret.