What it's like Being a Twin

I’d like to believe having a twin has equally as many pros and cons, but I also view it as a huge blessing in my life. I mean, we were basically formed in the same egg (not everyone gets to have the privilege of saying they were quite literally born with their best-friend). Statistics show about 0.3 percent of pregnancies result in identical twins. This comes to show why every time I tell someone I’m a twin, they seem completely mind blown and look a little something like this…

john cena mind blown GIFImage credit: https://gph.is/1a90gVD

So, what is it really like being a twin, you ask?


Everything doubles.

Tuition, rent, healthcare, the list goes on for miles. When my parents found out they were having twins, they had to act fast and plan ahead of time. Thoughts on how they can save and make enough money to provide for my sister and I while maintaining the rest of the family- I guess you could say being a twin can be semi-expensive. (sorry dad, we love you!!)


People always ask which twin is older.

Sadly, I was born second. This means I don’t get the satisfying feeling my sister does when people ask which twin is older. I mean it’s only a 2-minute difference, but apparently to my older twin, those crucial 2 minutes make her much older. The rule “respect your elders” most definitely applies to me when it comes to her.

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You’re basically considered the same person.

Even though we are nowhere near the same person, some people like to believe so. It can be frustrating at times. There’s more to a person than just their looks, you know?


We’re always together.

The idea of being a twin is, without a doubt, one of the biggest blessings in my life but sometimes it can get annoying. By that, I mean, we’re always together. Every. Single. Day.

But this also has to be a perk that comes along with being a twin. I’d like to believe that with my 20 years on earth, having a twin definitely curses boredom.


Our personalities differ dramatically.

Yes, we look alike but our personalities are polar opposites. I’m told I come off as the “goody good,” or a “teacher's pet,” whereas my sister, is, well, let’s just say, the complete opposite.


We're compared to each other all the time. 

It’s a constant game of being compared to each other. Who’s older? Who’s taller? Who weighs more? Who's better at sports? ect. 

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We're used to the double take. 

It happens all the time, everywhere we go. People are always breaking their necks trying to get a glimpse of the two people who look the same.

double take GIF by Willie JonesImage credit: https://gph.is/2qRC9Vw


Twin telepathy is not a real thing. 

No, we can’t read each other's minds. No, we most definitely don’t feel the pain the other twin is going through. Sorry to break it to you, but it’s all a myth!


We're always finishing each other's sentences.

Seems like every time we finish each other's sentences, the whole room is in complete shock. No, we can’t read each other's minds, but we’re always around each other. So this leads to the point where if I’m about to say something, my twin knows exactly what I’m about to say. Pretty mind blowing, huh?

Overall, whether I like being a twin or not, there's really no escape to it. Clearly it has many pros and cons, but I always like to believe that being a twin just so happens to be a huge blessing in my life, and I'm forever grateful for that.

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