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What I Learned During Quarantine: Did I Become a Professional Tik Toker?

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  • Zoom was about to become my best friend… or worst enemy.

Had anyone even heard about Zoom before quarantine? Now, it’s part of our everyday life. I would personally like to extend a thank you to Zoom for allowing me to do everything BUT listen to my classes while lectures are occurring. It’s all fun and games until you realize you’ve accidentally unmuted yourself or your professor makes you turn on your video while you’re mid-nap though. Me and Zoom have a love-hate relationship.

  • Learning even the most basic TikTok dance is a workout.

Okay so it turns out getting on Charli D’Amelio’s level is HARD work. Those “easy” dances left me sweating and defeated. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t check to see if some abs finally appeared on me after every new dance I tried. Oh, and if I ever showed up on your TikTok For You Page, no I didn’t. :/

  • And that no, I am not going to become TikTok famous.

More than a few hours spent trying to make perfect TikToks and a few crushed dreams later, I realized that I am not, in fact, going to make it big on the platform. I’d like to thank my 20 consistent TikTok friends for supporting me on this wild journey though!!

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  • How to make 100 different versions of banana bread.

Suddenly everyone started becoming a pro-baker and making banana bread in quarantine? Not sure why, but I’m not complaining. I like to consider myself a professional taste tester so send some more banana bread my way!

  • Going on walks can be very therapeutic.

All it takes is for you to be cooped up with the same people all day everyday for those walks you used to dread to turn into mini therapy sessions (with yourself).

  • How to cut my own hair, and that I should really leave it to the hairdressers from now on.

I didn’t quite muster up the courage to cut my own bangs or dye my hair a crazy color, but I got wayyyy too comfortable chopping and trimming my hair with scissors that are definitely not meant for cutting hair. 

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  • 3 months can feel like 3 years but also only 3 days at the same time.

Does anyone else feel like March, April, and May seemed to drag on forever but also summer creeped out from nowhere?? How are we already in September now?? 

  • Social distancing made me an expert at measuring what 6 feet looks like.

6 feet apart seems like 60 feet apart when you can’t hug your friends though. :(

  • How good saving money I spent on my daily Starbucks run before quarantine felt …until I spent it all on online shopping for clothes I won’t even wear in the next year since I stay at home all day.

Can anyone else’s credit card and Amazon shopping cart relate?

Woman with shopping bags
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  • How to live with uncertainty, not stress over things I can’t control, and learn how to be okay with being alone.

Uncertainty always used to give me major anxiety, but there are just some things we cannot control. Everyone lost all control of their life this year and many were left feeling lonely, but I learned to take advantage of the time I had to myself. It’s been a big year of self-reflection, learning how to motivate myself on my own, and not depending solely on others for my happiness. 

  • That it really is the little things that can make us the happiest sometimes.

I think one big and most important takeaway many have learned during 2020 is how to appreciate the little things and not take anything for granted. I know I did. Suddenly getting to see family (even with masks on), or even going to the grocery store with my mom seemed special. It has been a crazy year but I really learned to focus on spending more quality time focusing on the people around me and all the other blessings I usually take for granted. 

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