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What Happened to These Celebrities?

A few days ago, I was listening to a throwback playlist when “Fire Burning” by Sean Kingston (a forever jam) began to play on shuffle. Memories came rushing back into my brain about how many iconic hits he had. I can vividly remember sitting on the school bus, sharing headphones with my friends, and turning up the volume on my iPod Touch when his songs would come on. You’re lying if you still can’t hear him yelling “WHATAGWAN” before almost every song. 

All this thought about Sean Kingston got me wondering… Where did he go? Why did he stop making music? What is he doing now? Is he even alive? I honestly don’t know. I then began to think of other celebrities who have completely fallen off the edge of the Earth, and oddly enough, I came up with quite a few. What the hell happened to them? Here’s a little update on some of our favs and what they look like now.

  1. (Obviously) Sean Kingston – I did a little research and according to his Instagram, Sean Kingston is very much alive and still making music. He ain’t what he used to be, but how could anyone not love Sean Kingston? What a guy.

  2. Cher Lloyd – Okay, I seriously used to be OBSESSED with Cher Lloyd. I would listen to her “Sticks and Stones” album on repeat 24/7. Unfortunately, she lost the iconic gap she used to have in between her two front teeth, but she has a cute baby girl now! Who knew?

  3. Jojo Levesque – We all remember her from the movie “Aquamarine” and from singing that one catchy song called “Leave.” I feel like I haven’t seen anything about her in ages, but it turns out she has moved on from the acting profession and is still pursuing her love for music. Also, she hasn’t aged… like at all…

  4. Brenda Song – That’s right. Wendy Wu, Homecoming Warrior. London Tipton. The G.O.A.T. Has anyone kept up with her at all? Apparently, she still has a very successful acting career. She recently starred in a new Netflix film called “Secret Obsession,” and just released that she will also be starring in a new Hulu comedy titled “Dollface,” which will come to Hulu on November 15th.

  5. Iyaz – Let’s be honest. “Replay” by Iyaz will NEVER get old. You can’t tell me otherwise. Remember that time he made a song with Hannah Montana? Anyway, Iyaz pretty much fell off the map. I mean, he’s not even verified on Instagram, but he will never be forgotten.

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